11 things you’re doing wrong with your iPhone.

Now that Apple has announced the new iPhone 6S, you’re probably already thinking of ways to get your hands on the ninth device of its kind to come from the tech giant.

After all, with a better camera and more sensitive touch screen why wouldn’t you? But maybe before throwing your cash towards the 6S, take note of the things you’re probably doing incorrectly with the iPhone you own right now.

1. Not controlling where your data goes.

Let’s face it, data usage is an issue for the majority of us. Thankfully, Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 7 that allows you to select which apps use cellular data and which can only load over Wi-Fi.

Head to settings > cellular and then disable cellular data for the apps you choose. Surpass your data usage never again.

2. Not protecting your privacy.

If location settings are enabled, Apple has access to your location data. If privacy is an issue for you, go to settings > privacy > system services to disable this feature. You’ll also save battery life. Talk about two birds one stone.

3. Being sent push notification.

Unless you can’t get through a day without a bit of “Candy Crush” or “Clash of Clans” inspiration, don’t allow your apps to send you push notifications. Not only does it deplete your phone’s battery but it also amps up the data you're chewing through.

4. Letting your clumsy fingers press send on a message you want to delete.

How many times have you accidentally pressed “send” when you just wanted to delete the entire message off the face of this earth?

Now just shake your iPhone to delete a text and an “undo typing” box will appear. Regret your decision? Shake again and a “redo typing” box will show up.

5. Not switching off in-app purchases.


Go to settings > general > restrictions and then enable restrictions and scroll down to disable in-app purchases. Super useful if you have millennial kids who are candy-crush addicts.

6. Overcharging.

Your iPhone isn’t lying when it says it has 100% battery. Overworking your IPhone battery can eventually kill your phone.

7. Leaving it out in extreme weather.

Like a baby, your iPhone needs to be protected from the vices of extreme weather. Refrain from taking your iPhone outside when the temperature is below -5 and above 35 degrees Celsius.

8. Letting Siri embarrassingly mispronounce someone’s name.

Tell her she’s pronouncing it incorrectly, she’ll give you some alternatives and select what you’re trying to say. She’ll be sure to say it correctly from then on. Because Siri was never that smart, anyway.

9. Reading your text messages instead of having them read to you.

Kids climbing on you and you can't actually read the text you just received? Head to settings > general > accessibility > speak selection and swipe to enable. Next time you’re viewing a text, hold your finger over it and select “speak.”

10. Taking dodgy photos.

You might’ve realised that every time you take a photo a yellow box appears. Tapping the screen focuses the image but once you move your iPhone this all disappears. Hold down for slightly longer to lock autofocus and exposure. Never take a bad photo again.

11. Not cleaning it.

Imagine all the hands, smells, sneezes and dirty little things that come close to your iPhone. Think about it.

What is your best iPhone tip?