BEC: Feeling a bit flat? Well, read THIS.


What is it with 2013? I feel like the year so far has just been full of distressing news stories from racist rants to homophobic slurs, pathetic sexist behaviour to story after story of violent crimes against the most innocent of victims.

So I thought now would be a good time to remind ourselves that there’s still lots to love about the world. Good news might not be front page news this year but hey …. Here are 11 things that still put a smile on my face.

1. Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster got married.

It’s happiness squared when you combine the delightfully quirky and super talented Zoe Foster with that laugh out loud rogue Hamish Blake. Just thinking about those two kooky kids being married puts a smile on my face. And, as stalky as this sounds, I kinda can’t wait for them to have a little baby Zomish. Or Hamoe.  (Here’s hoping if they do want a bambino that things go smoothly).

2. Therese Rein is our First Lady again.

Whatever side of politics you’re on, I think we can all agree that Therese Rein knocks it out of the park as a First Lady.  Seriously, I’d back here in a cage fight of awesomeness against Michelle Obama.  Not only is Therese a phenomenally successful business woman in her own right – who’s WALKED THE KOKODA TRACK – she’s passionate about important issues like homelessness, disability services and improving the literacy rates amongst Australia’s indigenous peoples. And did I mention she was awarded a Human Rights Medal from the Australian Human Rights Commission.  Welcome back, Therese.  We love you.

3. A Royal Baby Is A Comin’

I’m that complete paradox: a republican who is totally OBSESSED with the Royal Family.  When Wills and Kate announce the arrival of little Victoria Elizabeth Anne Sophia Hermione Diana Taylah Cambridge, I will be cheering and clapping and pretending to work while I Google images like a creepy stalker. BRING. IT.


4. A Group of Flamingos Walk Into A Bar…

The collective noun for flamingos is a flamboyance. A flamboyance of flamingos. You’re welcome.

And here is a flamboyance of flamingos in the shape of a flamingo. You’re double welcome.

5. Flannelette Sheets on The Bed.

Not to bring a negative tone to my list of awesome but certain Mamamia team members MOCKED my love of flanny sheets  – cough *Jamila, Nat, Lucy, Kate * cough. Fine guys, wear your lame-o onesies.  I’ll be snug in bed with my flanny sheets while you look like adult babies.

6. The Marie Claire / Banjo Matilda Sweater Exchange Campaign

Screengrab from

It’s winter. It’s FREEZING.  And there are 46,000 homeless women in Australia. And that number is on the rise. Why? Quite simply because of domestic violence.

So Marie Claire have joined forces with clothing company Banjo Matilda and Mission Australia to encourage Australian women to take the sweater off their backs to donate them to women in need.  Best bit? For $9, Banjo Matilda will send a courier to collect the sweater from your home or office. For Sydney-siders, drop off your jumper(s) at Banjo & Matilda’s new pop up store in MLC Centre or to their William St, Paddington store. Has there ever been an easier way to make a vulnerable woman feel cared about? Clickety-click here.

7. The music of Eddie Perfect.

I think the moment I fell in love with Eddie Perfect was in 2010 when he sang his original song “Six at Best” on Offspring to win back his on-screen girlfriend Billie. (Perfect’s on-screen character of Mick rated sleeping with Nina Proudman as a 6/10. ). Stand out lines? “It’s difficult to stay aroused when you’re surrounded by a thousand owls”  (Nina collects owl figurines …) He’s a freaking genius. And hilarious.  And utterly brilliant.  You can watch Six at Best here:


8. A cup of tea with a scotch finger biscuit


Plus this:

Equals this:

Sure there are Timtams. And Ginger Snaps. And Monte Carlos (the Las Vegas showgirl of the biccie world). But nothing beats a cuppa with a scotch finger you can snap and dunk.  Gimme.

9. The Beatles Share The Love

The Beatles use the word ‘love’ more than 600 times in their songs.  SIX HUNDRED TIMES.  As you were.

10. Dr Catherine Hamlin


While I’m worrying about whether or not I’ve remembered to tape Offspring, Australian obstetrician Dr Catherine Hamlin is, you know, changing women’s lives in Ethiopia. She and her late husband Dr Reg Hamlin set up the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, the world’s only medical centre ‘dedicated exclusively to providing free obstetric repair surgery to poor women suffering from childbirth injuries’.

The woman is a legend. And today I’m buying myself a beautiful handmade Ethiopian scarf ($22) from her website to help the hospital train more midwives and keep up their important work. Click here to purchase a scarf or make a donation.

11. Baby Pancake and the watermelon

It’s a squishy-faced kitten eating a piece of watermelon. Nawwwwww.

What’s awesome in your life right now? Share the joy with us …