8 photos of your kids you need to stop posting on social media.

These are the pictures we share all of the time, and probably shouldn’t.

Taking photos of our kids… it’s what we do. But the rules have changed, thanks to social media. Here’s how it used to work:

Parents used to take the photos (on a non-digital camera), go to Kodak (a shop that prints photos from film), have the photos printed (on photo paper), buy a photo album (a book in which paper photos can be displayed) and show them to friends and loved ones when they visited.

We did not hand copies of the photo album out to strangers. We did not send copies of the photos to media outlets to use whenever they wanted.

These days, we take photos of our children with our phones and we immediately upload them onto social media.

Unfortunately, no matter how good your privacy settings and no matter if you have disabled location services, you can accidentally share sensitive information about your child with the world.

It’s okay to share photos of your children on social media as long as you follow some guidelines.

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Are there other types of photos you think parents should avoid posting on social media? 

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