WATCH: A century of Halloween costumes in just 3 minutes.

We thought 2015 was going to be the year of the animal onesie. How wrong we were.

There’s no denying Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Australia. Supermarkets are full of themed lollies and an excessive number of pumpkins. There are headstones appearing on front lawns and cobwebs being hung in doorways around the country.

But what are you going to wear?

Like all fashion, Halloween costumes have changed a lot over the years. This video, put together by Mode shows a spooky style evolution- 100 years of Halloween costumes in just 3 minutes.

If you’re after some retro-chic inspiration that doesn’t involve a peace sign or a pair of gogo-boots, this video is for you.

You can check out  100 years of Halloween costumes here (post continues after video):

Video via Mode

They started out actually being, well… creepy.

1915s get-up looks like a cross between a Tim Burton-esque nightmare, and an art project your kid brought home from school.

halloween costume ideas

1925 was a witch. Pfffft. Original.

Complete with equally shoddy paper-mache  skills.

halloween costume ideas

We turned the corner into sexy-‘insert costume here’ a lot earlier than you’d probably expect. Before sexy-nurse and sexy-nun there was this…

1955 was the year of the ‘sexy-cowgirl’.  Modest by today’s standards, we must admit. But at the time? Tres risque.

halloween costume ideas

Apparently a gravity defying side-pony was a necessity with every outfit in 1985, including a Grecian toga.

halloween costume ideas

And if this is indicative of the Halloween costume trends for 2015– well, quite frankly, we think we’ll be sitting this one out.

halloween costume ideas

So what will it be? Creepy kitty or Kimmy K?

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