Watch 100 years of beauty trends in just one minute.

Image: Youtube

We love our bread, we love our butter but most of all we love time lapse videos – especially when there are beauty trends involved.

As we speak, a time lapse video is doing the rounds of the internet, showcasing 100 years of hair and makeup trends in one, seamless minute. In it, the gorgeous model eyeballs the camera while a team of stylists transport her through every decade from 1910 to 2010.

Your favourite 90s beauty product is baaaack.

A similar video did the rounds last December, but seeing each style on a fresh face makes the whole dang thing feel new again.

SPOILER ALERT: None of these styles are wash and wear, so if you’re planning on road testing one of the hairdos for your next fancy dress party, you might want to set aside more time than just one minute.

Did you rock any of these beauty/hair looks in your youth?