10 stars who looked like they DIY-ed their Emmys outfits

Stars really are just like us — they love Pinterest too! Or at least it seemed that way at this year’s Emmy Awards. With lots of glitter, sequins, and embellishments up the wazoo, these ladies of the small screen (and one Sir Elton John) took home the award for being artsy-craftsy with their looks.

Girls creator and star Lena Dunham tweeted before the ceremony that her sister gave her the "truest compliment" about her Emmys look: "It's like the Delia's catalogue made a red carpet dress!"

Scandal star Kerry Washington looked like she'd been busy with a hot-glue gun and floral appliques before the awards show.

Like any "good wife," Julianna Margulies knows her way around a stenciling kit.

Feather pockets adorned the hips of the hilarious Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler's gown.

We totally know how were decorating our Christmas tree this year. Thanks for the pinspiration, Heidi Klum!

Mad Men actress Kiernan Shipka's dress adorned with flowers looked adorable.

Mayim Bialik of The Big Bang Theory clearly depleted her local Spotlight store's sequins supply.

Aubrey Plaza's gown came with some slightly random added extras.

Who knew crocheting could be sexy? We're not sure how Grandma would feel about Kate Mara's risque take, though.

And no one can out sparkle an Emmy statue like bedazzled Sir Elton John, who performed his single "Home Again" in a tribute to Liberace.

Do you have a favourite frock from Emmys night?