10 signs she’s a little girl with big brothers.

My four-year-old daughter’s heroes are her two big brothers.

They are first ones she wants to see after pre-school and the first  people she asks after when she wakes up in the morning.

Are the boys awake Mama?

They are farts and the louder the funnier. Image via IStock.

They’ve taught her that if its long and pointy you can turn it into a gun and if its round  - no matter how flat -  it can be kicked into a goal.

They've taught her how to build a cubby with the rubbish left on the footpath by the neighbours, meant to be taken away by council and how to craft a jump for a skateboard that guarantees you get air.

While studies have shown that growing up with a big brother can make boys and girls more likely to adhere to gender norms - a phenomenon known as de-identification when siblings strive to be different from each other and stake out their own role in the family dynamics -  I have found the opposite.

I have found that many of my two sons' traits have rubbed off on their little sister from the good and loving right through to their fascination with fart jokes.

Boy do these boys love their sister. Image via IStock.

1.  Everything is a competition.

From who gets to the bath first to who can make the biggest splash when they get there she has known from when she first started to walk that there is nothing that can not be turned into a competition.

2.  She doesn’t share food very well.

Two big hungry brothers… can you blame her for trying to keep it to herself.

3. She always joins in.

Whether its soccer, footy, a game of beach cricket or a furious game of Connect Four. It’s join in, give it a go, or be left out.

4. She can wrestle like a pro.

My four-year-old learnt all her best moves on the backyard trampoline, with two big brothers she had no choice.

But along with the laughs and occasional injuries they’ve taught her the ground rules – all worked out on their own.

No hurting, no elbows, no kicks, punches or hair pulling and stop means stop.

Would you give a little boy a doll as a gift? Post continues after video...

5. The first word she wrote was "poo".

And the second and the third.

6. She happily rocks a hand-me-down footy jersey with a rainbow skirt and a pair of fairy wings.

Pink crocs or an old pair of soccer boots for her feet?

Her dress ups go way beyond princesses and fairy tales.Image via IStock.

7. She can name all the Marvel superheros .

She also knows the difference between a Gungans, the Corellians,  the Twi'leks, and Imperial badmen, bounty hunters, droids and Admiral Ackbar. But she has a sweet spot for Princess Leia.

Oh sure there is a Peppa Pig doll on her bed and she’s got a Dora back-back that she happily carries around but she’ll chat about whether Superman or Spiderman is greatest superhero all the while setting up her Barbie dream house.

8. Her dress ups go way beyond princesses and fairy tales.

Like all little girls she has an Elsa costume ( or two) but you will be just as likely to find her dressed up as a skeleton or Batman as much as Cinderella or Pocahontas

9. She finds farts funny.

And they have always been farts. No “bottom burps” or “pop pops” in a house full of boys.

They are farts and the louder the funnier.

Her big brothers protect her. Image via IStock.

10. She has an amazing sense of loyalty and fairness and looks to protect those around her.

Just like her big brothers protect her.

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