10 healthy snacks to keep in your handbag.

A woman’s handbag is the keeper of many items that are necessary for survival in today’s busy life and there are few items that are as important as a healthy snack for an energy boost when you need it most. Here are the 10 best convenient handbag snacks for whatever daily demands you have scheduled in the calendar.

Daily Snacks

Planning is the key to dietary success and this means always having some snacks on hand so you do not find yourself at the vending machine at three pm each afternoon. Always keeping a snack with you means that you will no longer become a victim of your food environment and forced to eat whatever is served as you always have a more nutritious option handy.

1. Vegetables.

Unlike fruit which bruises easily, a small container of cut up vegetables such as celery, carrot and red capsicum, travels easily, means that you can be sure to get the vegetables you need every day and is a great low calorie snack option. Get into a habit of cutting up your vegetables the night before and never leave home without them.

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2. Nut snack bar.

Muesli bars are notorious for containing a low of sugar and refined carbohydrate but nut bars on the other hand offer much more protein, along with the added benefit of good fats. Look for options that contain less than 10 grams of sugars per serve and in general, the more nuts, the better.

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3. Roasted Broadbeans or Chic Nuts.

Another crunchy, filling, portable snack option, broadbeans and chic peas are a portion controlled treat that will keep in your handbag for weeks at a time. Rich in protein and low GI carbs, these tasty morsels are a great alternative to potato chips.

Late Afternoon Snacks

4. Dark chocolate.

Now we are not talking an entire block here, but a couple of squares of dark chocolate enjoyed with a tea is an antioxidant rich, mid-afternoon pick me up that will help you make it to the end of your working day, without heading to the office biscuit tin or lolly jar.

5. Trail Mix.

A homemade or pre-packaged mix of fresh nuts, seeds and dried fruit is a perfect combination of carbohydrates, good fats and protein to fuel you for another two to three hours. Remember that a small handful or one third of a cup is a serve and aim for a mix that contains more nuts and less dried fruit to control your sugar intake. (Post continues after gallery.)

6. Protein Bar.

There are many, many protein bars available in health food stores and supermarkets which can make it difficult to choose the best option. The main thing to be aware of is that some protein bars can contain as many calories as a meal and ideally a snack should contain less than 200 calories and five to 10 grams of protein. Many mini protein bars tick these boxes and can be a tasty treat mid-afternoon. Aim for serves that also contain less than three grams of saturated fat per serve.


7. Meal replacement drink or bar.

A meal replacement shake or bar can be a perfect late afternoon snack option, particularly if it will be several hours until you eat dinner. A meal replacement contains a similar ratio of nutrients as a meal contains, with fewer calories. Found in a shake which can be mixed with water, or as a meal bar, both options are perfect handbag foods for busy people on the go.

8. Tuna and Beans.

With more than 23g of protein per serve and a similar nutritional profile to that of a small meal, these easy to carry meal options can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime and do not even require refrigeration. Perfect for conferences, travelling or those late night events when you simply have not had time to grab lunch or dinner.


Tuna is a great snack. Image: iStock

 9. Cheese and Crackers.

Cheese and crackers is a very nutritious snack option with less than 100 calories, more than five grams of protein and no sugars, this is a great mid-morning, high calcium snack option that you can keep in a handbag for a couple of hours to eat in between appointments.

10. Corn Crunch.

Corn is a wholegrain and a low GI one at that which means that it is not only packed with nutrition but digested slowly.

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What's your favourite snack for on the go?