Are You Your Father’s Daughter?

What’s your relationship like with your dad? Does it affect who you are today, how confident you feel in yourself, in your relationships to others? Did you become like him or seek him out in other ways? Did you marry him, as they say?

Our relationships with our parents are our first important relationships and can set the tone for how we relate to the world… and it’s not always an easy beginning.

Robin’s Dad passed away when she was just 11 and without a male role model validating her as she transitioned from a girl to a woman, her relationships with her body, food and others were affected. Bec’s Dad is her hero and challenged and inspired her as she grew up.

With sage advice from Psychiatrist Dr Judith Martin on how to heal the wounds today if you didn’t have the father you needed in childhood, this episode of The Well is about how we’re all our father’s daughters – for better or for worse.

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