When Life Pulls The Rug Out From Under You.

Remember when everyone was glad to put 2016 behind them?  If 2017 hasn’t quite been the ‘Happy New Year’ you were hoping for, welcome. Around here it’s disease, death, and divorce….of our jobs. Bec’s family were felled by Dengue Fever, Robin was sacked from her radio gig and producer Ruth was made redundant from the same show. So what do you do when life pulls the rug out from under you? How do you snap yourself out of it and recover from a false start? Can you build resilience as an adult? And do we need rituals around the ugly parts of life?  We discuss surviving unemployment – the shock, the fears, the unknowns, and the upsides. Chock full of survival tips for life’s unexpectedly hairy moments, it’s the glorious return of The Well.

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