The Libido Gap.

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It’s 9pm and you’re keen as a bean but your partner’s having none of it. We’ve all been there…

Be it work, hormones, health or just that you can’t be bothered there’s a million and one things affecting our sex drives at any given time.

So what happens when you and your significant other just can’t find a middle ground? Is turning to porn the best way to fill the libido gap in your relationship or is it a break-up waiting to happen?


Why your sex drive might well increase in your 40s

Five nearly sexless years passed. I’m not proud of it.

In fact, it’s a time I still harbour guilt and confusion around. Then, all of a sudden, my sex drive was back – with a vengeance. No more sex once a month or every six weeks. We had sex three times a day for weeks at a time.


We got adventurous and began to experiment with bondage, anal sex and sex toys! It was freeing, fun, satisfying, and no longer a struggle to get in the mood. I was much happier, as was my husband; we were a much happier couple.

Sure, there were phases where we didn’t have sex all that often. Being 40 comes with its own brand of tired that isn’t prevalent in your 20s. But those lapses didn’t last that long anymore and we began to trust that they were simply little blips in an otherwise sexually healthy marriage.

Don’t let differences in sex drives kill your relationship

5 ways to bring a dead sex drive back to life


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