UPDATE: Fifi Box reveals the adorable name of her new baby girl.


Radio host Fifi Box, who have birth to a baby girl last week has revealed the name of her first child on air today.

The name is rather adorable AND makes excellent use of alliteration. High five Fifi.

Fifi’s little girl will be Beatrix Belle Box. Trixie for short.

Here is how Fifi shared the news with her co-host Jules and stand-in host Sophie Monk:

Sophie Monk:  Fifi, Fifi – does she have a name?

Fifi:  Do you know what Soph?  I’m glad you asked me that because had Byron or Jules I was going to ignore them because they did give me a lot of flack on Friday when she was born because I wasn’t prepared, and I didn’t have a name…

Jules:  You’ve had nine months!  I think Russell Brand was brainstorming with you back in November!

Fifi:  I have, after much deliberation…she is now named!
Her official name is Beatrix Belle Box, but I’ll call her Trixie, Trixie Belle.

Jules:  That is so beautiful…She’s going to have a larger than life existence – so Beatrix which is beautiful and old school but then you’re bringing some fun to it, I think that’s perfect.



Happy Friday!

This just in: Radio host Fifi Box has given birth to a baby girl. (We got a little shock in the office this afternoon – it was earlier than we expected.)

The news broke via social media when her radio co host Jules Lund tweeted:








She reportedly gave birth at around 2:30pm this afternoon and she’s already been interviewed by Hamish and Andy and told them: “She’s just so heavenly and gorgeous.”

“She came into the world this afternoon at 2.30 today and you guys will find this hard to believe because you know me so well but I’ve sort of been caught a bit off guard and I don’t have a name ready…”

“I know that everyone says this…but she is absolutely beautiful! She’s… oh I’m going to get really emotional guys… *tears*… I’m looking at her now and she is just the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and she is just a little ray of sunshine! She’s just heavenly, she is just gorgeous!”

Fifi announced her first pregnancy late last year on air. In an accompanying blog post she wrote:

“I’ll be honest… I’ve been feeling a bit bad lately. You know how I’ve referred a couple of times to the fact that I’ll be putting on weight this summer? I thought to myself – maybe that’s a bad message to put out. I’m not trying to be irresponsible, so I should put it in context.

When I said I was going to get fat for summer – I do mean I want to get really big. Like so big that you’d almost be forgiven for thinking I have another human being inside me. In fact… I do have another human being inside me. I’M HAVING A BABY!”

When speaking about her first trimester, she said: “I’ve watched friends have babies, nobody ever goes into how much detail about how much morning sickness sucks. It’s awful. And I’m waiting for this glow to kick in – when does that happen?”

“It’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. Look out, there’s another Box coming into the world!”

“The moment I saw this little baby on the ultrasound I burst into tears. it’s the most overwhelming love that I knew was out there but never experienced.”

Congratulations Fifi.

More to come.