The first pic of Fifi Box's baby.

Just days after announcing the name of her baby girl, radio host Fifi Box has tweeted a picture of baby Trixie with her co-host Jules Lund.

In the caption Fifi wrote: Its not that you’re boring @juleslund but maybe work a bit harder to entertain my daughter next time you visit…

Fifi’s little girl’s name is Beatrix Belle Box. Trixie for short.

Here’s how Fifi shared the name news with her co-host Jules and stand-in host Sophie Monk last week:

Sophie Monk:  Fifi, Fifi – does she have a name?

Fifi:  Do you know what Soph?  I’m glad you asked me that because had Byron or Jules I was going to ignore them because they did give me a lot of flack on Friday when she was born because I wasn’t prepared, and I didn’t have a name…

Jules:  You’ve had nine months!  I think Russell Brand was brainstorming with you back in November!

Fifi:  I have, after much deliberation…she is now named!
Her official name is Beatrix Belle Box, but I’ll call her Trixie, Trixie Belle.

Jules:  That is so beautiful…She’s going to have a larger than life existence – so Beatrix which is beautiful and old school but then you’re bringing some fun to it, I think that’s perfect.