The most beautiful breastfeeding video we’ve ever seen.

In honour of World Breastfeeding Week 2015, a German based photographer named Tammy Nicole has compiled a very touching and beautiful glimpse into a side of motherhood often considered private between a mother and child.

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Naming the video and associated images Walks of Motherhood, Tammy says she is inspired by the energy and connection associated with breastfeeding.

She has taken various images of mothers feeding their babies and married them with moving, uplifting music which results in a wonderful montage of bonding between mum and baby. Tammy also asked the mothers featured in the video to describe what breastfeeding means to them, and has included the quotes within her video.

Watch the video below. Post continues after the video… To see more of Tammy’s beautiful work visit her website here.

Breastfeeding for every mother is a journey, and often a deeply personal one at that.

Some women are able to feed easily from day one, and others (like myself) face difficulty and stress that we never could have imagined.


Some women are unable to feed their children from the breast and others simply wish to explore other avenues of feeding.

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The wonderful thing about being a mother is that there is no right way to feed your child, except for the one which works best for you and your family.

Breastfeeding troubles
"There is no right way to feed your child." Image: iStock.

I personally breastfed both of my sons for about 14 months.

Like I said, it wasn't an easy start with endless phone calls to lactation specialists, countless tears (from both him and I) and feelings of failure before I'd even left the hospital. However, I persevered and in the end it was my first born son who decided our breastfeeding journey was over.

At the time I was really upset, without warning he just turned away but I later found out it was because I was pregnant which can alter the taste of breastmilk. Looking back now though, I feel proud of both of us. Neither knew what we were doing and my baptism into motherhood wasn't what I had expected. But together we got there and learned what worked best.

He will never remember the journey we took together but I sure as heck won't forget it.

My second son was a little more attached when it came to the boob but I chose a time that I felt was right to wean him. Both of us did well and I was thankful that I was able to share the experience with him for such a period of time.

Within days, I'll be welcoming baby number three and while my plan is to breastfeed, I'm also very aware that plans often go astray. I hope to be able to bond with my baby through breastfeeding but I'll take each day as it comes and make the decision that's right for me and my child.

Did you breastfeed your children? How did you feel when you weaned?