Bianca Dye has left radio to try and start a family.

Popular radio host, Bianca Dye from i98FM has announced that she’s leaving her Friday morning show to try and start a family.

The 41-year-old has co-hosted the show with Marty Haynes for seven years, and many of her listeners will be sad to see her go.

But Dye has admitted that she’s struggled with IVF for two years, and needs to focus on falling pregnant without the pressures of work.

Bianca Dye. Image via @biancadye Instagram.

“I could still work and have a baby but this is to give myself the best chance,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “I’m a pretty highly strung person, so for the benefit of IVF, it will take some ­pressure off."

The radio presenter has finally decided that having a family is her first priority. So she made the announcement on Friday - that she would be stepping down from the microphone.

“My clock is ticking so ­loudly, it’s an alarm that’s ­literally sitting on my face at the moment," she told Confidential.

Bianca Dye looking trendy. Image via @biancadye Instagram.

Dye won't be completely off the airwaves and she'll still be doing her community work.


In 2014 Dye spoke to Channel Seven's The Daily Edition about the fact that she had not been successful in her most recent attempt at IVF.

She spoke about the ups and downs of going through IVF, and how hard it was emotionally.

Bianca Dye advocating. Image via @biancadye Instagram.

She told the broadcaster, “There is disappointments, there is joys, there is fights with your partner because you are just so loaded with hormones ... it can be tough, but it is not that tough.”

Last year Dye also copped a bit of criticism after she penned a letter to Ricky Lee Coulter suggesting that she think about freezing her eggs, so pregnancy could still be an option later in life.

She wrote for The Motherish in June last year about waiting too long to have kids. She urged women to atleast think about children when they were younger. She wrote, "What I, and many other women, are going through right now is its own little world of pain and hell and it’s called trying to have a baby and then having to resort to IVF.

She finished the post with, "Here I am, and please, if you take anything from this ramble, please just think about babies. Just have that internal conversation or talk about it with your partner."

We wish the radio host the best of luck with her attempt at IVF.

What have been your experiences with falling pregnant? Easy or hard?