The 9 most fabulous things about having small boobs.

When I was younger, and completely discontent with my flat chest, I purchased every push-up, gel-enhanced, boosted, stuffed and padded bra I could get my mitts on.

Now? I have learnt to love my small boobs. Embrace them. Celebrate them. Which is why I am bringing you the nine reasons for having small chest rocks.

What are the advantages of having small boobs?

1. You feel more pleasure in bed.

Small boobs have a big advantage in bed – research by the University of Vienna found that small boobs are 24 per cent more sensitive than large breasts, and are therefore easier to stimulate during foreplay. Small boobs for the win.

While you're here, 

2. You can wear button-up shirts without thinking twice.

You can wear almost anything on top without a second thought — because doing up the buttons is no problem. You can basically rock whatever you want without having to worry about gaping buttons.

3. Same with low-cut tops.

à la Nicole Richie.

4. The IBTC is full of sassy babes.

Your solidarity sisters in the IBTC (a.k.a. Itty Bitty Titty Committee) include Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis and Kate Hudson - just to name a few.


5. There's no boob-induced back pain.


Studies have shown that larger breasts increase your chances of having shoulder and neck pain. So yes, small boobs are saving your neck. Thank you, small boobs. Thank you.


6. You only need to wear one sports bra at a time.


One. And away you go.


7. You can go braless.


Bras are optional when you have small boobs - and going without one might even be good for you. Research suggests wearing bras can prevent the growth of breast tissue, which leads to the deterioration of the muscle that supports the breast. So if you don't wear a bra the muscles work out more.


8. You can dominate limbo.

An A-cup bra is an A+ in limbo.

9. You can sleep on your stomach.

This is the best — I sleep no other way. Thank you, small boobs. Thank you.

Feature image: YouTube.