From an A cup to an F cup, 18 women share the best bra they’ve ever worn.

When it comes to finding the perfect bra, there are a number of aspects us ladies have to consider.

Whether it’s comfortable, whether it’s supportive enough, whether anyone can see it through a white t-shirt… the list goes on but you get the gist.

All we want is a bra that keeps our boobs comfortable and in place, without wanting to desperately rip it off at 5pm. Is that too much to ask?

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So to help you (and us) out when buying your next bra, here are 18 women – ranging from an A-F cup – sharing the best bra they have ever worn. And as you know, that’s saying a lot.

D Cup: Berlei Bras, starting at $49.95.

Image: Berlei.

"Any Berlei bra. I'm a D cup and was sold once Serena Williams supported one of their sports bras campaigns. I figured if someone like her, with the amount of bouncing she does during tennis, thought these bras were good, they must be. And they are! I prefer the full coverage ones as they make me feel more secure and they just always feel like they fit really well." - Sherry.


B Cup: Bras N Things Body Bliss 2nd Gen Push Up Bra, $49.99.

Image: Bras N Things.

"For a push-up, I really like this one." - Lauren.

DD Cup: Berlei Womankind T-Shirt Bra, $69.95.

Image: Berlei.

"This is my absolute go-to, I have these in all different colours - so comfortable, great shape and keeps everything in check!" - Sunny.

A Cup: Intimo Everyday Plunge Push Up Bra, $59.50.

Image: Intimo.

"As a small-breasted woman, I find it really hard to get bras to fit, and believe me I have tried many. My most favourite bra is the Plunge Push-up Bra by Intimo." - Priya.

F Cup: Bras N Things Body Bliss 2nd Gen Full Cup Bra, $54.99.

Image: Bras N Things.

"Obsessed with this full cup bra from Bras N Things. I wear a 12F, and it's so rare to find a bra that fits properly, without having to use sister sizes, and as a bonus, has thicker straps that don't feel like wire pressing into my shoulders at the end of the day. I own this one in four different colours and absolutely swear by it." - Milly.

D Cup: Triumph Amourette Spotlight Balconette Bra, $64.95.


"I have 'sideways' boobs so need a balconette style for my 16Ds (a full cup style would be full of air at the top). This is my fave style for everyday - t-shirt smooth plus a little lace." - Nikki.

E Cup: Berlei Electrify Bra, $59.95, and Shift Unwire Bra, $69.95.

Image: Berlei.
Image: Berlei.

"Berlei Electrify (and more recently the Shift bra) has been my bra for a couple of years now and I am someone who has only liked padded bras. They are wide enough for my boobs to be completely supported, no cutting in at the front or under my arms." - Diana.

B-D Cup: Uniqlo Women Wireless Bra, $29.90.

Image: Uniqlo.

"I got this Uniqlo bra when I forgot to bring a nude one on a trip to Japan last year and it’s the BEST. It’s so comfy and looks great under clothes. I’ve now got three more." - Karagh.

"I've always loved Uniqlo jumpers for their quality so I decided to try their bras, hoping they'd be just as good. And, they are. I now own four of them." - Charlie.

"Uniqlo's wire-free! I'm only just in 'real' bras from maternity this year after a few years breastfeeding. I won't ever go back to wires. Nor do I really care what they look like I guess." - Rach.

"Uniqlo wireless for sure, kind of like wearing a crop top. Probably not the best support but hard to go back to wearing anything else." - Ramona.


E Cup: City Chic Onyx Longline Contour Bra, $79.95.

Image: City Chic.

"The City Chic bras are always a bit of a hit or a miss for me, but the Onyx is so, so comfy! I bought it as a sexy bra, expecting it to be so uncomfortable (but looks amazing). It ended up being one the easiest and most comfortable bras I own!" - Nirusha.

D Cup: Target Soft Comfort Wirefree Bra, $25.

Image: Target.

"Target - love, love, love this style, it's so comfortable! Probably better for the cooler months but offers great shape and support." - Rowena.


B Cup: Bras N Things Extreme Cleavage Strapless Double Push Up Bra, $59.99.

Image: Bras N Things.

"The first strapless push up that I've found that I don't have to constantly adjust and pull up! I was really hesitant to spend $60 on a bra but I have absolutely no regrets. The material is silky and it's super comfortable." - Piyumi.

F Cup: Simone Pérèle Caresse 3D Plunge (Contour) Bra, $99.95.

Image: Simone Pérèle.

"This is my go-to. As large breasted but small 8F it has straps that can be adjusted all the way, no loose straps or need for shortening of straps. Practical, supportive, but still pretty." - Alexandra.

D Cup: Bendon Damask Contour Bra, $44.95.

Image: Bendon.

"Hands down the best bras I’ve ever worn! I have several in each colour and keep stocking up. Love them! This is the only bra in my entire life that I’ve actually enjoyed wearing and look forward to putting on. I've never had that experience until I tried these." - Danina.

C Cup: Berlei Barely There Cotton Rich Bra, $69.95.

Image: Berlei.

"Berlei Barely There. One in black and one in nude is all I need!" - Kelly.

What's the best bra you've found? Share your recommendations in the comments below. 

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