"A hair stylist showed me a trick for taming frizzy flyaways and it doesn't cost a thing."


How crap are flyaways? Those little, teeny tiny hairs that point up like you stuck your finger in a power socket have been the bane of my haircare existence since the age of 14.

There are so many hacks and tricks for how to get rid of flyaways on the internet, and just as many smoothing serums on the shelves of your local pharmacy.

I’ve tried most of them, and while some work to an extent, I’ve never been able to fully achieve the straight, sleek look I so desperately desired.

But this week, a hair stylist taught me how she gets rid of frizzy flyaways on her clients and it makes SO MUCH SENSE.

On Wednesday night, I attended a launch event for ghd’s latest product, the world’s first SMART hair straightener.

It’s fantastic and did what normally takes me 20 minutes in under three, but that’s not really the point of this article. What the hair stylist who demoed the product on me did after she’d finished straightening my hair blew my mind.

As ghd artist and award-winning owner of Brisbane salon Rokstar Brodie-Lee Stibbons finished polishing my three-day-old hair, she told me she’d sort out my flyaways. So thoughtful.

That’s when she did a curious thing with the can of hairspray.

After spraying a generous amount of hairspray on my roots, Brodie-Lee then ran the edge of the hairspray can over the top, flattening the tiny, sticky-up hairs I’m very familiar with.

I’d never seen it done like that before.

Honestly, my at-home strategy for getting the annoying pointy bits of hair to stay down involved dousing my roots in hairspray and desperately flattening them with my hands.

But that right there was exactly where I, and many others, go wrong, Brodie-Lee told me.

You see, our hands are naturally warm and as most of us have figured out over the years, warmth + hair = frizz. So when I was pressing my hands over the top of my hairspray, it was having the opposite effect.

Instead, running the cool edge of the hairspray can over your roots after spraying works to reinforce the product and achieve the flat, flyaway-free result you're after.

It's so simple. So much so, I can't believe I was doing it wrong for so many years.

Thank you, Brodie-Lee. You've done a service to us all.

How do you stop your hair from getting frizzy? What products/tips work best for you?

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Jacqueline Low 4 years ago

whats the hairspray name?

Kelly 6 years ago

"A hair stylist showed me a trick for taming frizzy flyaways and it doesn’t cost a thing.”- except a can of hairspray.