"I set that thing on fire": 10 actors who have all won Oscars... and Razzie Awards.

You win some, you lose some. Actors know this sentiment all too well. 

While the annual Academy Awards (better known as the Oscars) recognises the best talent Hollywood has to offer - The Golden Raspberry Awards is all about paying homage to some of the absolute worst. 

Oddly enough, there are actors who have received both. 

Watch the moment Leonardo DiCaprio won his first ever Oscar at the Academy Awards, back in 2016. Post continues after video. 

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Given the 94th Annual Academy Awards are making headlines at the moment, we thought there was no better time than right now to look back at all the actors who've been recognised and mocked for their best and 'worst' performances. 

Sandra Bullock. 

Image: Getty.

When Bullock won a Golden Raspberry Award in 2010, it wasn't exactly a highlight of her career. 


To the ceremony, she brought a cart full of All About Steve copies - which is the film that earned her Worst Actress. During her speech, she urged the audience to take home a DVD and "really watch" her performance. 

"I will show up next year if you promise to watch the movie, I mean really watch it, and really consider if it was really and truly the worst performance. And if you're willing to watch it, then I will come back next year and I will give back the Razzie," she'd said. 

Just one day later, the actor would bring home an Oscar for Best Actress during the 82nd Academy Awards for The Blind Side.

Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Leonardo DiCaprio in 2011. Image: Getty.

DiCaprio has won a fair few awards throughout his years of acting, including a Razzie in 1999.

He won the Worst Screen Couple in The Man In The Iron Mask (1998). 

It's okay though because 17 years later, in 2016 during the 88th annual Academy Awards, he'd win Best Actor for his portrayal in The Revenant. 

Halle Berry. 

Halle Berry in 2002 at the Academy Awards. Image: Getty.


Halle Berry's star was at its pinnacle in 2001, after winning an Oscar for Best Actress in the film Monster's Ball. 

She remains the first and only black woman (or any woman of colour, for that matter) to recieve an award in that category. 

Funnily enough, Berry would be ostracised for her performance in 2004's Catwoman, and it would earn her the Worst Actress Razzie for the film. 

She honourably accepted with her Oscar in the other hand. 

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Berry admitted she set her Razzie Award on fire. 

"If I can show up to collect an Oscar when you're honouring me, I can certainly show up to collect a Razzie when you say, 'Good try, but do better,'" she explained in 2021. "I always learned that if you can't be a good loser, then you don't deserve to be a good winner."

"So I went there and made fun of myself. I had a great time and then I set that thing on fire," she went on to say. "That's what I did!"

Mel Gibson. 

Mel Gibson at an event in 2019. Image: Getty.


Gibson won arguably the only 'redeeming' Razzie there is - the Redeemer Award, in 2017 for his directing work on Hacksaw Ridge. 

Unfortunately for him, he'd be recognised again in 2018 for his performance in Daddy's Home 2 - which earned him the Worst Supporting Actor. 

But there is a silver lining - the actor was nominated for a Best Director Oscar in 2017 for his work on Hacksaw Ridge. While he didn't take out the win, Gibson already has two other Academy Awards for his 1996 film, Braveheart. 

So no harm done, really.

Ben Affleck. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on The Tender Bar red carpet. Image: Getty. 

The Gone Girl actor nabbed his first Oscar all the way back in 1998 for co-writing the Good Will Hunting screenplay alongside Matt Damon. 

He also won Best Picture as a producer for the film Argo in 2013. 

However, there were a fair few awards he also managed to take out in between those two Oscars that are worth mentioning. 

Affleck was named the Worst Actor at the Razzies for THREE 2003 films he acted in; Daredevil, Gigli and Paycheck. 

Not only that, but he - alongside Henry Cavill - also received the Worst Screen Combo in 2017 for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


While he is yet to attend any ceremony to accept his awards, he was presented with his 2003 Golden Raspberry while on Larry King Live... where in which he proceeded to call the trophy cheap, pull it apart and then ultimately refuse it.

Affleck is up again this year for Worst Supporting Actor in The Last Duel.

Tough gig, Affleck.

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Al Pacino.

Al Pacino. Image: Getty.

The legendary Godfather actor has a fair few acting credits under his belt, which should make him even more susceptible to win a Razzie. 

Thankfully for him, he only receieved the Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Screen Couple very late into his career. It was for his portrayal in the 2011 Adam Sandler film, Jack and Jill. 

On the flip side, he recognised for his role in Scent of a Woman - which won him Best Actor at the Oscars in 1993. 

Nicole Kidman.

Image: Getty.


Nicole Kidman may be one of the best actors to ever come out of Australia (we don't say this lightly) - but it doesn't mean she is exempt from being 'awarded' for her not-so-favourable roles. 

She was the first Australian to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002 for The Hours. 

...but she also received a Razzie for the Worst Screen Combo award with Will Ferrell, for their film adaptation of Bewitched

Kevin Costner. 

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartne in 2018. Image: Getty.

Costner's fame was already well and truly on its way when he took out the winning Oscar for Best Director and Best Picture in 1991 for Dances With Wolves.

Unfortunately for him, he'd also get recognition for his films Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and The Postman - which he won Worst Actor for at the Razzies. The latter also earned him Worst Director and Worst Picture awards as well.


Marlon Brando.

The innovative and legendary actor Marlon Brando made headlines everywhere when he sent actress Sacheen Littlefeather to the ceremony in his place, in protest of Hollywood's deplorable portrayal of Native Americans in film. 

He was honoured with the award for his role in the 1954 film On The Waterfront.

While the bold move wasn't received well at the time, Littlefeather's speech has stood the test of time and has become an important part of history.


As legendary as Brando may be, he was also named Worst Supporting Actor for the 1996 film, The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Either way, WE still love you Brando.

Glenn Close.

Glenn Close on the 93rd Annual Academy Awards red carpet. Image: Getty.

Just to be clear - Close hasn't won either an Academy Award OR a Razzie yet. But she gets a special mention anyhow because she somehow managed to be nominated by both for the same film - Netflix's Hillbilly Elegy

The film follows a Yale Law student who is drawn back to his Appalachian hometown. In it, he confronts his strained relationships with his mother and grandmother (who is played by Close). 

Disappointingly enough, the actor has been nominated eight times for an Academy Award, yet has never won. Close holds the record for the most nominations in an acting category without a win.

Feature Image: Getty / Mamamia.

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