Wine Bar: 5 things everyone’s talking about today.

Welcome to the Mamamia Wine Bar. If you haven’t been here before, it’s our new daily post where you can pull up a chair, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a glass of whatever, catch up on a few interesting tidbits and have a chat. With anyone.


Our favourite tweet of yesterday came from a humble little cafe in Melbourne. They sent out a tweet last night and, well, we thought it was pretty clever.



















An English teacher in Geelong (Vic) who allegedly uploaded a video of himself having sex with a former student to an X-rated website could keep his job. When current students found the video – after school hours, we presume – they shared it on social media site, which is how the story came to light. The school says it’s taking the matter “very seriously.” As you’d hope.

But while the Department of Education decide whether the teacher – who is said to be in a committed relationship with student who’s in the video – can come back to school, his current students have rushed to his defence.

“I am a student at the school and believe that no matter what allegation has been made upon this teacher it still stands that he is a fantastic teacher and an important part of our community,” one student said.

Over to you – should he be allowed to teach? Does And would he even want to go back? (Awkward much?)



You wouldn’t normally think a bouquet of flowers or a new piece of jewellery from your significant other would really be a cause for concern. But according to The Daily Mail, a new study has revealed that men who are “too nice” to their other half will spark fears that they are cheating:

Researchers found that two thirds of women become suspicious if their partner suddenly has ‘new tricks’ in the bedroom, makes grand romantic gestures or even if he makes them breakfast in bed.

Other triggers for suspicion amongst mistrusting wives and girlfriends are if their man treats them to jewellery or sexy underwear.

Even helping out with housework leads to millions of females to believe her chap is ‘playing away’ according to the poll of 2000 adults.

Would this kind of change in your partner put you into panic mode? And – more interestingly – would you forgive the odd stray kiss or grope if it meant they would make you a cup of tea more often?



Not since the mullet dress has there been a trend as cringe-worthy as the sqoob. And what is a Sqoob? So glad you asked. Basically it’s a squashed boob. The squoob dominated at the Golden Globes and SAG award ceremonies this year. Christina Hendricks and Sofia Vergara are both repeat offenders and Mamamia’s staff writer Nicky even trialled the trend on her wedding day. For a full run down of the trend, click here.

And do we all remember the mullet?

So which is better, the sqoob or the mullet? And also: WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS TO THEIR BOOBS?



This might just be the first time knives in politics have been used to prepare a kitchen feast instead of a backroom spill. And to the nerds among us, it seems pretty delightful. The ABC’s premier politics with Annabel Crabb – who knows more about the Federal pollies than most – takes to screens on ABC this year to host Kitchen Cabinet. It is exactly as it sounds.

A cooking chat show where Crabb gets to catch the politicians in more human, unguarded moments while serving up a side of home style cooking. It’s the most bizarre mix since yoghurt on pizza. And for anyone who ever had an odd hankering for watching Christopher Pyne and Amanda Vanstone slave over a smokey barbecue, this preview should whet your appetite. Mark it in your diaries: 9.30pm, Wednesday, February 22 on ABC2. Oh, and would you watch it?



If you missed any of our other posts on Mamamia today, don’t stress. Grab another cocktail (or mocktail) and get comfy because there’s plenty more to talk about. Are you ready?

We started the day by talking about break ups and why they suck. WHO magazine features editor Sarah Grant wrote us this heartbreakingly honest post about her break up from the man she “thought she was going to marry” and how she found herself clutching a container of organic yoghurt and crying in her local Coles Supermarket. Price check, aisle 5 – and some tissues, please. WE HAVE BEEN THERE SARAH, YES WE HAVE.

Dress code at the Wine Bar today? Sqoobs. We loved that post so much we squished (sorry, pun intended) it into The Wine Bar to keep the conversation flowing.

Changing pace, we asked the question of whether women can have it all? It’s a phrase that’s easy to say, but hard to apply. In this post some prominent female leaders – with children – suggest that perhaps, it’s not possible after all. Comments were divided on this topic. What’s your view? Can you have it all?

In this post called “I’m fat today, how are you?” we talked about the word fat. In some cultures the word is used for describing people like tall or short. But here, it’s loaded with negative connotations. If you take away the power, it’s just a word, right?

Finally a book post. We love a book post at Mamamia. Have you noticed? This post about what you read over the summer turned into a virtual book club – the only thing missing was cake. (If you need book inspiration, you’ll be skipping after you read this post.)

Now over to you. Any of the stories above got you talking? Anything else on your mind today?

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