Emma Stone Andrew Garfield interview

FLUFF: Emma Stone calls out her Spiderman boyfriend for sexism.

6:29 am

Share    Need another reason to love Emma Stone? More specifically, do you need footage of the truly excellent moment when Emma gets all feminist on her superhero boyfriend in front of a room of tiny Spiderman fans? Because we can hook you up with exactly that. Emma and her Spiderman boyfriend and co-star Andrew Garfield (the [read more]


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12:01 am    Some lucky Mamamia readers have been trialling the new Norbu Natural Sweetener.   A little about the product … The best kept ancient secret has now been revealed – Norbu, the 100% natural sweetener! With only 0.5 calories per serve, it is the answer to all your sugar worries without compromising on taste. [read more]

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