Judge said he showed "a complete lack of respect"

A 15-year-old boy died on school camp. Now, his family owes the school $8 million.

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    Rita and George Chaina have endured 15 years of heartbreak. Their 15-year-old son Nathan died in the most tragic of circumstances, drowning on a school camp in October 1999 as his horrified brother looked on. Now the Chaina family has been dealt a fresh blow, having been ordered to pay $8 million in legal costs — a [read more]


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Kids nudie juices

3:45 pmSome lucky Mamamia readers have been trialling delicious kids nudie juices.   A little about the product… Did you know… there are approximately 245 million kids juices sold in Australia every year?! Many of these juices are made from concentrate, made with little fruit juice and some even contain added vitamin C, preservatives or added sugar. nudie [read more]

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