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1. “It’s horrible”: Bachelor Matt Agnew on that awkward run-in with runner-up, Abbie.

Before Bachelor Matt Agnew declared his undying love to Chelsie McLeod in South Africa, he broke the heart of Abbie Chatfield.

And whilst loved-up couple Matt and Chelsie did their press round on Friday following the finale, Abbie – undeniably the most talked about contestant of the season – also did a number of interviews with the media.

Although their schedules were seperate, the three had an awkward run-in at Nova 96.9 in Sydney, when they were both doing interviews mere metres away from each other.

Abbie said it was ‘the most horrible thing she’s ever experienced in her life’, and was reportedly crying afterwards.

Speaking to News Corp, Matt spoke about the uncomfortable encounter.

“Obviously it’s horrible to hear [Abbie was upset]… I mean, we weren’t aware of that, but I mean you hope things are co-ordinated with logistics and stuff like that doesn’t happen … so that’s a shame that it has,” he told the publication, adding he hasn’t spoken to Abbie since dumping her in South Africa.

Speaking to Mamamia on Friday, Matt revealed he hadn’t been watching his season.

Explaining why, the astrophysicist said: “I just decided I didn’t really need to watch it. I formed opinions and connections with everyone on the show and I was happy to take those forward with me as the memories I had.

“I didn’t need to see any drama that happened behind-the-scenes away from my eyes. I didn’t really see any value I could get from seeing that. I knew how the series played out.”

2. David Beckham has spent weeks building a 6,000-piece Lego Hogwarts castle, and Posh Spice has documented the whole thing.

If David and Victoria Beckham are known for one thing it’s being… extra. (On top of their exceptional careers, etc. etc.)

On Friday, Posh Spice revealed her husband, soccer legend David Beckham, had completed building their eight-year-old daughter, Harper, a Lego Hogwarts castle. Just casually.

Victoria shared a video to her Instagram, where she has nearly 27 million Instagram followers, saying she is a “proud wife”.

Image: Instagram.

"So it's been a few weeks but he is back and has finished his castle. How do you feel?" she asked her husband.

"Accomplished," he responded, taking a sip of white wine.

"I mean, look, I'm proud of you!" Victoria told David in the short clip.

In a series of Stories earlier this month, the former singer joked that his interest in building the lego was 'ruining her life' after he was awake until three in the morning building the castle. Talk about going the extra mile! That is effort.

3. “Get off me”: Graham Norton didn’t enjoy that time Mark Wahlberg pinched his nipples on telly.

It's a tough slog interviewing celebrities, especially when they give you nothing.

Just ask UK talkshow host Graham Norton. Currently promoting novel, A Keeper, The Sun reports that the 56-year-old spoke about the times a celebrity interview just doesn't go to plan.

“There’s the guest sitting on the couch thinking, ‘But I love this show. Tonight just, I don’t know, it’s just not that good tonight,’ and you’re like, ‘Because you’re on it. Because you’re here. You’re ruining it,’" he said.

Image: Getty.

Then there are the overly active guests. Unflinchingly naming names, Norton listed Ted actor, Mark Wahlberg, as an example.

“If they’re disruptive then that is a bore and annoying. Like Mark Wahlberg, I think Mark got a bit confused about the jet lag and wine," he continued.

“He fell asleep — that was the good bit. When he fell asleep, that was like we were able to tell stories. The show’s going a bit better now, I wonder why? Oh, he’s asleep.

“And at one stage, he climbed on my lap and was like pinching my nipples, and I remember afterwards thinking, ‘Wow, my 20-year-old self, my head would have exploded if someone would tell me he would do that’, but my 50-year-old self was just like, ‘Get off me.’”

Mark Wahlberg
Mark plz. Image: BBC 1 / The Graham Norton Show.

We're guessing we won't be seeing Mark back on the couch any time soon.

4. Tall Girl star, Ava Michelle, was booted from Dance Moms for being too… well, tall.

At 187 centimetres, the star of Netflix's Tall Girl, Ava Michelle, is lo' and behold, a tall girl.

And while we're guessing this was one of the contributing factors which led to the 17-year-old getting the role, her height wasn't always seen as an asset.

In 2014, Ava and her mum, Jeanette, featured in Season 4, Episode 30 of Dance Moms, a reality show about a successful American dance company.

Despite 12-year-old Ava previously being 'cut' from the team, Jeanette continued to bring her to rehearsal, a move which angered coach and studio owner, Abby Lee Miller.

"You're not really what I'm looking for, for this team," said Abby.

When Jeanette continued to protest, Abby becomes livid. She then gets Ava to stand next to another (shorter) dancer, Chloe, to hammer home her point.

"Ava you're too tall for us today. You're cut. Thank you, you can go," she shouts.

You can hear 12-year-old Ava mumble out a very sweet, "Thank you for this opportunity," her eyes blinking away tears.

Dance Moms
Brutal. Image: Lifetime.

Abby then responds with: "Honey, you're a great dancer. You're going to be successful, if you can get away from your mother and get great training," before Jeanette and Ava finally leave.

It's a lot, and it's all on Youtube for you to watch, and re-watch.

Luckily, Ava is now safely in the company of people who appreciate her vertically blessed genes, and thank goodness for that.


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5. 19 years ago, JLo's green dress inspired the creation of Google Images. And now it's back.

Jennifer Lopez Versace
Images: Getty.

Strutting down the Versace Spring-Summer 2020 runway on Friday, Jennifer Lopez outfit-repeated for the best reason possible.

Nineteen years earlier, the actress and singer was one of the first celebrities to break the internet, by wearing a low-cut, jungle-print dress to the 2000 Grammy Awards.

It was JLo in a green dress that got the big wigs at Google thinking. Former executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, has confirmed "Google image search was born," thanks to this green dress.

This time around, JLo walked Milan fashion week, in an updated version of the dress. This time it was sleeveless, with some extra-cut outs. And once again, it's broken the internet.

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