Beauty in 2021 looks different. Here are the new rules to wrap your head around.

'New rules? HA! I'm not following any new rules! Just bloody try me!' We hear you say, as you flick your hair over your shoulder and clutch onto your witch hazel and Ponds Cold Cream in defiance. 

We get it. Goodness, we get it. New beauty rules suck. They're confusing. Daunting, even. Plus, you already have your entire routine down pat! And it totally works for you. So, for the love of sorbolene - why would you change a thing?

But here's the thing, sweet fools. Most of us are already following these new beauty 'rules'. 

No, really! 

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Like, when was the last time you wore a full-coverage matte foundation? How about a matte lipstick??

The beauty industry has changed a little (a lot) over the last year or so, yet most of us haven't even really noticed because we've been preoccupied with things like pandemics, soaring house prices, political unrest, what's going on with J.Lo and Ben Affleck, etc. 

So, that's why we've pulled together a big ol' list of all the products and practices we're ditching in 2021 and what we're using instead.

1. Tinted moisturisers over heavy foundation.

Powdery, fully covered skin is officially out, friends. We're all sick of that s**t. 

As we noted in our article on the new 'skinimalism' skin trend, these days most of us cute folk are more focused on natural, minimal or no-makeup beauty looks. 


Things like tinted moisturisers, BB creams and CC creams or a well-placed concealer have become our go-to choice of coverage, as focus shifts over to embracing real skin texture - we're talking pores, acne scarring, blemishes, discolouration - the whole show.

2. Cleansing pads over facial wipes.

Got skin? Chances are facial wipes have been your go-to method of makeup removal for yonks. They're quick, easy and get the job done - especially when you're wearing a tonne of makeup or have had too much fun juice after a night out.

But... things have changed. 

Facial wipes are no good for the environment (FYI: Sydney Water has removed more than 1000 tonnes of wet wipe materials from its wastewater system in the past two years), and most of these cleansing pads are washable, so there's zero waste involved - like Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads.


Then there's the whole, 'makeup wipes don't actually clean your skin thing'. 

Many experts have advised against using against facial wipes because they don't actually remove makeup properly and the chemicals can be really harsh to your skin. 

Just check out this article where a doctor showed what happens to your skin when you use makeup wipes

3. Lip oils and stains over lipstick.

We know a few people might feel triggered over this one BUT IT'S TRUE. When was the last time you popped on a matte lip? C'mon - it's been a while.

If you're anything like us, you've been taking the low-maintenance route on the lip front with balms, lip oils, tinted stains and the likes creeping on into your routine. 


These guys offer a good dose of hydration with subtle colour - and with so many options out there right now, it's impossible not to get on board.

4. Texture-loving products over heat tools.

The days of burning the s**t out of your hair are over, pals. 

Whether you want to blame lock down or the availability of more inclusive products, over the last year the natural hair movement has taken off - and it's all about letting your individual texture shine through.

We've become less reliant on heat tools and smoothing treatments, and have *finally* started reaching for texture-loving products embracing our natural curls and waves.

5. Well-placed blush over heavy contouring.

Omg. Remember when contouring was like a MASSIVE thing? Like, the dramatic James Charles/Kylie Jenner-esque level of contouring? And there were about sixty million tutorials on how to do it? But every time you'd still end up looking like a potato? MEMORIES.

In case you couldn't tell from the above, 2021 is all about a softer look - and we're very pleased to say that we've officially ditched the whole changing-the-shape-of-your-face thing. 


Instead, we're reaching for cream blushes that warm up the face and lean into that dewy, juicy look. It gives you a natural and healthy glow without looking too over-the-top, y'know?

6. Eyebrow gels and soaps over eyebrow powders.

2020 was the year of the brow, with treatments like brow lamination and feathering being all the rage. 

These days, however, things are relatively low-maintenance on the brow front, which means we're playing with natural colours and shapes and really just working with what we've already got. 


A big part of this movement is focusing on brows that are luxuriously fluffy and brushed up, using clear setting gel to set and hold the hairs in place. 

The 'soap method' has become another easy (and affordable) way to nab this look - which, as the name suggests, involves using soap in place of eyebrow gel.

Have you noticed any trends you'd like to add? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: @zendaya Instagram, @selenagomez Instagram and @kdeenihan Instagram.

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