Straight teen asks his gay friend to prom. Reminds us people are good.

Sometimes, some people are just excellent.

Anthony Martinez, an openly gay high school student from Nevada, USA was having trouble trying to find a male date to his upcoming prom. The dance was set for May 2nd and via social media, he lamented the fact that time was running out.

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That is, until Jacob Lescenski, his straight, best friend came to the rescue with a ‘hella’ sweet proposal.

straight teen asks gay friend to prom
(Image via Twitter)

In a touching display, complete with totes age-appropriate slang, Lescenski asked his friend to prom. He enlisted the help of some other friends to display a giant, bright red banner in the school’s hallway, reading, “You’re hella gay, I’m hella str8, but like my brother, so be my d8?”

Be still our beating hearts.

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Martinez accepted with a big YES and an even bigger hug, before posting on Twitter, “Guess who just got asked to prom by @jacob_lecsenski.”

straight teen asks gay friend to prom
Martinez was so grateful for his friend’s proposal.(Image via Twitter)

‘He’s 100 per cent straight I promise,” he said, “but he’s a real man because he has the guts to fulfil his best friend’s dream and take him to a dance.”

In an interview with CNN,  Lescenski said that while he was initially apprehensive about the gesture, he soon realised, “If it made Anthony happy, and fulfilled his dream of going to prom with a guy, and I had a date to prom myself, nothing else mattered.”

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Bless. Him. BLESS HIM!

Twitter was soon a-buzz with people expressing just how moved they were by Lescenski’s proposal and how in awe they were of the boys’ friendship. You have to admit, it’s pretty easy to feel the same.

straight teen asks gay friend to prom
Anthony and Jacob share a pretty special friendship, that has touched a lot of people (Image via Twitter)

For Anthony Martinez, this is the  “sweetest, coolest thing that has ever happened.” It is also so important. In a time where homophobia in high schools is a serious problem, these two boys have shown the world what it means to stick it to the bullies and love and support your friends regardless of their sexuality.

And now we can’t wait for the prom photos!

What’s the nicest thing your best friend has ever done for you?


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