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Dating site for beautiful people launches “Adopt An Ugly Person” program.

3:30 pm

        By KATE LEAVER There’s only one problem with running a dating site exclusively for beautiful people: You’re not making money from the ugly ones. This charming gentleman called Greg Hodge has exactly that problem, with his borderline-psychotic website Hodge launched the site so that excessively attractive people can find one [read more]


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Dove Invisible Dry Deodorant

6:05 amSome lucky Mamamia readers have been trialing Dove Invisible Dry.   A little about the product … Invisible Dry is Dove’s first anti-white mark deodorant proven to leave no marks on 100 different colours, from black to white and all colours in between.  Whilst it doesn’t leave any white marks on clothes, it contains all the [read more]

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