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Video of the day: Mariachi band serenades a whale

Video of the day: Mariachi band serenades...

It’s that time of the week again – Mamamia TV is on Sky News at 9:15pm tonight. Block out your diary or set your Foxtel IQ because this week’s show is set to be a cracker. (If you miss it, it will be repeated on Saturday at 2:15pm).

Our guests around the table this week are Caroline Overington (author, journo), Sarah Hanson Young (Greens senator), Nigel Marsh (author, advertising guru) and Sam de Brito (author and columnist).

From left: Caroline Overington, Sam de Brito, Sarah Hanson Young, Nigel Marsh

Some of the things we’re talking about are sex in the kitchen, the London riots, asylum seekers, Penny Wong and Fred Nile’s comments.

Here’s what Fred Nile said this week:

Speaking of same sex marriage, we’re also talking about the protest movement supporting them – we’ve put together a gallery of the best signs from the protests, take a look here..

And the Floor Interview (as it has become known) is with Jessica Rudd. She’s talking about her Dad’s operation, Julia Gillard and her OWN new found fame as an award-winning author. Here’s the full interview:

Here’s the promo….

If you’re on Twitter, the hashtag to chat about the show is #MMSky or, you can do what MM readers do best and join the conversation below!

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