“Excuse me, sir.” Adele halts Melbourne show to unleash on security guard.

Hollywood has just given us an elopement and a baby.

Hollywood has just given us an elopement...

Don’t try to stop Adele fans from getting their groove on.

That’s the lesson a security guard took from the British singer‘s Melbourne concert when he was singled out and berated by the 28-year-old.

Adele was onstage and mid-way through the final performance of her Australian tour when she noticed a guard instructing people to stop dancing and stay seated.

“Before we go to the next song… excuse me sir? Can you stop telling people to sit down? This is a music show,” Adele called out.

Adele capped off a successful Australian tour with another stunning performance. (Image via Getty.)

"If you're moaning about people dancing then what the f**k have you come to the show for?

"If I see one more person get told to sit down, I swear to God."

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Adele did say she was "a bit emotional tonight" at her final Australian show, capping off a tour that has earned as many headlines for its proposals, mozzie attacks, blackouts and on-stage admissions as for her amazing performances.

While the megastar defending her fans' right to dance was spectacular, it was not the only heart-warming moment of the night.

A fan the songstress selected by chance to join her onstage received a proposal from his partner in front of the 77,300 strong crowd.

Adele had chosen Chris after she'd spotted him burst into tears as she started singing Hello.

The 37-year-old walked on stage with his partner Wade - who promptly got down on one knee and proposed to Chris. He said yes!

"That wasn’t planned, I had no idea," Adele said later.

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