The 5 familiar faces we all forgot were in My Best Friend's Wedding.

There are so many reasons why My Best Friend’s Wedding is remembered as one of the great Rom-Coms of its epoch, 22 years on; not least for its soundtrack cover of “I Say a Little Prayer (For You)” and its not-so-happy ending.

In the movie Jules learns that her ex Michael is engaged to be married to loveable Kimmy, forcing her to realise she’s in love with him. In sheer desperation, she flies to Chicago seemingly to attend the wedding, only to spend most of her time trying to sabotage Michael and Kimmy’s relationship.

And proving its place as one of everyone’s favourite 90s films, the actors who played the four main characters – Julia Roberts (Julianne Potter), Dermot Mulroney (Michael O’Neal), Cameron Diaz (Kimmy Wallace) and Rupert Everett (George Downes) – have reunited for the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly.

“You are cordially invited to attend the reunion of #MyBestFriendsWedding,” the magazine wrote alongside their cover.

But there are some important people who have slipped our minds, who also appeared in the 1997 film, which reportedly earned $300 million at the box office.


And before we reminisce about the five actors we forget featured in the classic film, here’s a look at Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz, then and now…

my best friends wedding reunion
Julia Roberts. Image right: Getty.
my best friends wedding reunion
Cameron Diaz. Image Right: Getty.

Here are five familiar faces who also appeared in the hit blockbuster film...

Rachel Griffiths

my best friends wedding reunion
Rachel Griffiths. Image right: Getty.

Australia's very own, Rachel Griffiths, played Samantha Newhouse in the 90s film as one of Kimmy's bridesmaids, with the film propelling her to the international stage. Since the film, Griffiths has been nominated for an Oscar for her role in Hillary and Jackie and has been nominated for multiple Prime Time Emmy Awards for her part in drama series Brothers & Sisters. She was also in Ned Kelly and Step Up, among other iconic films.

Christopher Masterson

my best friends wedding reunion
Christopher Masterson. Image right: Getty.

From That 70s Show to Malcolm in the Middle, Christopher Masterson, who played Scotty O’Neal in My Best Friend's Wedding, is a recognisable face for many sitcom lovers.

Paul Giamatti

my best friends wedding reunion
Paul Giamatti. Image right: getty.

Paul Giamatti played the all-important role of Richard the Bellman in My Best Friend's Wedding. Since then, the Hollywood actor has gained an extensive range of films he has starred in, from Big Fat Liar to critically acclaimed film 12 Years a Slave. 

He has also won a Golden Globe and a PrimeTime Emmy Award for his part in miniseries John Adams. 

Carrie Preston

my best friends wedding reunion
Carrie Preston. Image right: Getty.

Carrie Preston played Mandy Newhouse in My Best Friend's Wedding in what was one of her earliest roles in Hollywood. But she is now known for her roles in popular TV series True Blood, The Good Wife and Claws.

Philip Bosco

my best friends wedding reunion
Philip Bosco. Image right: Getty.

Philip Bosco plays Cameron Diaz's character's father in My Best Friend's Wedding as Walter Wallace. Since then he had roles in TV crime show Law and Order and Hitch, among others. He passed away in December of last year.