Why a bridezilla says her bridesmaid owes her $30,000 for "ruining her wedding".

Ooooft, this bridezilla story is a doozy.

A Reddit user has asked the internet if she’s wrong to want to charge her pregnant bridesmaid, Anna, $30,000 for “upstaging and ruining” her six-figure wedding.

And while it’s not our place to judge, we’re going to have to say… yes, she is most definitely wrong.

Team Mamamia confess the worst request they’ve received as a bridesmaid:

Sharing her story, Ignoredbride (apt username) said that when she first began planning her wedding, originally only two of her six bridesmaid were in long term relationships, and she only wanted to give the “two partnered bridesmaids plus ones”.

“Anna seemed offended by this, because my wedding was then years off, and she was actually dating her now husband at the time (though it was casual),” Ignoredbride specified, also stating that she had taken three years to plan her wedding.

Eventually she caved, and gave all her bridesmaids plus ones, but by now Anna was “hugely pregnant,” and the attention this drew at the wedding made the bride VERY unhappy.

“All anyone spoke about, or of, was Anna’s pregnancy and her attractive husband. Even in the line, people were asking about that ‘electric woman’ and of her pregnancy/marriage/life. When they got up to dance, all eyes were on them,” she wrote.

“She also has a vibrant personality and has a way of eclipsing everyone around her. Her husband is also very tall and incredibly attractive, which drew a lot of attention.”

Sidenote: the bride also commented that in her culture “getting pregnant before late 20s/30s, married or not, is basically a teenage pregnancy,” and… no.

Anyway, Ignoredbride said her wedding turned into a “celebration of Anna’s marriage,” which effectively ruined the day for her.

“I ended up leaving midway through the reception in tears, and never attended the next morning’s brunch. Anna and her entourage left early the next morning and also didn’t attend,” she wrote.

“I can’t even look at the pictures without crying and desperately want a do over.”

While she doesn’t identify as a “bridezilla” (yes, really),  she said she feels like “someone that got pregnant without a thought and married spur of the moment” reaped the benefits of ‘her day’ and thus Anna should be charged the entire cost of her $30,000 wedding.

“I honestly feel like Anna owes me a wedding and did all of this as revenge for me offending her years ago. Am I wrong?” she wrote, finishing her post.

As expected, Ignoredbride’s fellow Redditors were not in support of her complaints, taking issue with just about everything in her lengthy post.

And we can see where they’re coming from.

“‘I am not a bridezilla’ is what every bridezilla says always,” wrote one user.

“In what country is being 25, married, and pregnant considered a ‘teenage pregnancy'” wrote another… and again… fair.

Other comments made a point that the bride wasn’t a supportive friend and came across as “bitter”.

“It’s like she resents Anna for not being frozen in time from the moment of her engagement to her wedding three years later. At the time she was just dating the guy in a very single way, so HOW DARE SHE reach relationships milestones at a faster rate than OP’s three-year engagement?”  read one comment, with many others expressing the same sentiment.

“You think she got pregnant to ruin your wedding and you’re bitter she married a tall attractive man… wow that’s just ???” wrote another baffled user.

“Why would anyone be angry at a bridesmaid for being pregnant? They aren’t stealing the precious attention away from the bride. It’d be distasteful if she announced her pregnancy at the wedding but that’s about it,” shared a third.

However one thing is for sure… if the bride ever chooses to renew her vows, we’re guessing Anna won’t be on the guest list.

Do you think the bride was completely out of line in this scenario? Tell us in a comment below.

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Top Comments

Grumpier monster 3 years ago

I think the guests were extremely rude and the pregnant bridesmaid probably should have made (even) more of an effort to refocus people's attention on the bride. It would have been painful, if not humiliating, for the bride to have people talk about the pregnancy instead of wishing the bride well and admiring the wedding details. I'd be bitter too.

Would I want or expect the pregnant bridesmaid to refund me for effectively providing her with a gift-free baby shower? No.

Would I feel well-disposed toward the bridesmaid or my guests? No. I think it would be years before I forgave any of them, if ever. This would be the case even if I only spent a small amount of money, effort, and time on the wedding. I never host an event celebrating my achievements so that someone else can enjoy all the limelight.

Please note I can be 'a big personality' too. I'd never want to overshadow a bride at their wedding. I'd make sure I turned all comments away from me and onto the bride and lead the cheer squad for the happy couple.

High Steppa 3 years ago

I think I'd like to be friends with Anna. She sounds great!

Cat 3 years ago

Me too! Though she seems to have bad taste in friends. But hey maybe this is the friend she keeps out of some sense of loyalty even though she’s a jealous wreck.