Yes I would like to win a new Samsung 2View PL150 digital camera. Thanks for asking.

UPDATE: And the winner is…..Sharni!

With this comment:

I’d like to become the Papparazzi of my family. You see I have a website and i do daily Monte-isms , (Confuscious style wisdom from my one year old), thing is my current camera isn’t up to it and I want to do this thing justice.
I want my readers to see the quality pics they deserve.
Please,I never win anything, I’m a lovely girl.

Despite a buggery hiccup with the thumbs-up which saw them wiped from the front end after a few days of voting, we had a backup of the results to that point which are posted here if you want to see them (might take a few moments to load, be patient):

When the competition closed, we added up the old votes with the new ones and Sharni was ahead by 151 to 99 (Mish).

Congratulations Sharni – please contact [email protected] so Samsung can send you your unreal new camera! And send our love to Monte.

Welcome to a sponsored post brought to you by Samsung.


I love a new gadget. I particularly love a new gadget that makes it easier to take a good photo.

A girlfriend of mine once wrote the following lament about her photos that you might relate to….

“Looking through my photo album is a little like looking through an album of missed opportunity.  It’s quite sad really.  I was always the person who took the shot just after the action.

Allow me to walk you through the kids’ album.

There are numerous pictures of what is meant to be my daughter’s delighted face as she finally learns the connection between her two hands.  They meet, they make a noise – she can clap!  I have numerous pictures of this very happy moment, the joy on her face completely obscured by her chubby fingers touching each other. I never once got the face shot.

Then there is the reminder of the second after my son has blown out his birthday candles.  Mouth no longer in the cute blowing position and the cake cut out of the shot completely so really it is not a birthday candle shot at all.  Just a picture of a shell shocked toddler with blue icing on his nose.

I’ve got photos of the children taking on big waves at the beach. Only I have photos of the big waves when they can no longer be classified as waves – just pools of water lapping gently at the beach.  And children nowhere in frame.

I have the photo of the first  time my daughter competed in a swimming carnival.  I was meant to get her face as she emerged from the water, wet and victorious.  Instead I have the one of her as she started to cry when she looked around and saw a stadium full of people watching her.  This sits pretty close to the picture I took of my son walking away after having just posed for a picture with Ricky Ponting and to the shot of him packing away his guitar after playing a solo at the school concert.  I had spent so much time concentrating on getting the perfect shot that I took none and missed the performance.

To add colour to the album I also have numerous shots of backs of heads, shots of children who I mistook for my own from a distance and I even have a series of the piece of sky just next to the Opera House that I once took on a cruise around Sydney Harbour.”

Oh I so relate. Here’s the good news:

Technology and Samsung have stepped in to help with the release of their new 2View PL 150 which is a light, accessible and easy to use camera with a nifty front LCD screen.

With the new PL150  you can set up the camera to take photos of yourself with the kids and what’s more there is a nifty LCD screen that’s on front of the camera (so whoever you’re shooting can see themselves – kids LOVE this feature) and a timer so you get to see exactly the shot you want (and you can make sure there is no food between your teeth – very important).

The camera also has a fantastic feature called Children’s Mode, which allows you to get your child’s attention before taking a photo and it makes sure you get the perfect photo every time..  And while it is normally difficult to keep his attention, with the PL150 you don’t need to.  As soon as the LCD front screen lights up with a bouncing clown and music, kids cant help but look – making sure the picture is cute every time and that your child is looking at the camera!

Samsung, in conjunction with Mamamia will be giving away one of these sensational and easy to use 2View cameras. . For your chance to win just let us know in the comment thread why you need a camera like the 2View PL150. The winner will be selected via the thumbs up method, the person with the most thumbs up wins!  So even if you don’t enter, be sure to vote for your fave entry.

Thumbs will be counted at 6:00pm EST on Thursday 13 May 2010.

For more information on the PL150 and to learn more about its amazing features click here. Samsung Capture is running  a Mothers Day Sweepstakes for the month of May and giving away 5 more PL150’s, join them for your chance to win – click here

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