Photo of mother breastfeeding on the toilet divides internet.

Have you seen the photo blowing the minds of mums, dads and non-parents everywhere?

This week, Life of a Dad posted a photo of mother of two Toluca Lake breastfeeding on their Facebook page, with the caption, “Every parent knows this joy.”

Queue: collective gasps.

But wait there’s more. Lake is also breastfeeding ON THE TOILET.

Queue: internet meltdown.

woman breastfeeding on the toilet
This is the now infamous photo. So what do you think? Image via Facebook.

The photo – attracted two hundred thousand likes  – and quickly divided the internet.

It’s outrageous that we live in a world where people have such strong feelings about breastfeeding a child and, importantly, where the breastfeeding is done.


However, here’s what happened:

It’s a bit like the dress debate – and everyone falls into one of two camps:

The first is..

1. This is the most revolting photo. Ever.

Mums, dads and non-parents alike pounced:

“This is totally ridiculous.” wrote one Facebook user.

“I have 4 kids and breastfed them all as babies, never once did I do so while using the bathroom. I have in restaurants, shopping malls, on an airplane, at home, the park, and a bunch of other places, but not while on the toilet. That’s not even a small infant, she’s at the age where she can wait,” the person wrote.

While another described it as “gross.”

“I think a walking baby can wait to breastfeed until one is off the toilet. I mean would you eat your meal on the toilet?” they asked.

Want more? Try: Great news: Facebook is no longer offended by breastfeeding.

Or maybe you feel more like this:

2. This photo sums up motherhood in one.

One mother admitted to doing exactly the same:

“I have breast and bottle fed all three of my sons on the toilet. When the baby [is] hungry you just can’t tell your baby to wait,” she said.

While another woman said peace and quiet on the toilet was “nothing more than a memory … we are all in that boat as parents.”

Eventually, the woman pictured in the photo, Toluca Lake came forward and spoke with CBS Los Angeles after the online frenzy.

Scroll through the gallery of celebrities breastfeeding (post continues after gallery):

“I just wanted to show people real-life like this is what my daily life looks like.” Lake said.

“I just see so many mums doubting what they do every day or feeling judged, and it’s like the media doesn’t really portray what motherhood is,” Lake told CBS, Los Angeles.

So, which camp do you fall into? 




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