Do you celebrate like William and Kate?

Prince William and Catherine Middleton celebrate their one year wedding anniversary today.  It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been 12 months since I had to navigate the drive from my place to my sister’s house without missing any of the televised ceremony.  I am sure it’s even harder for Catherine to believe that only a year ago the whole world called her Kate and did not know her sister, Pippa.

Let’s take a look back at their year

The royal couple plan to celebrate their anniversary at home behind closed doors. A far cry from their wedding which was watched by millions of people around the globe. But not that far from the way that I celebrated my own first wedding anniversary, although I am quite sure that they aren’t going to a local cafe for dinner.

I’d like to imagine they’ll spend the day reflecting on their love for each other and basking in each others glory after swapping small gifts. Traditionally the first wedding anniversary is celebrated with paper gifts but I think if you are royalty you don’t have to stick to those rules. Perhaps William has popped down to Hamleys toy store to buy a commemorative set of the couple as dolls made by Mattel Inc, the US makers of Barbie dolls? Or perhaps not.

Whatever they do I really hope that they are as happy as I imagine them to be.

Remember the wedding…..

How do you celebrate anniversaries or milestones in your life? Are you a quiet over a cup of tea celebrator or a raucous party maker


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