This ad is every bit as painful as running without a bra.

6:42 pm

      By SAM SQUIERS Oh. So, Lonsdale’s doing lingerie now? That’s what I first thought when they announced their new campaign on instagram recently. There was Annette Melton (stunning model and new Lonsdale ambassador), rolling around seductively on a bed in her underwear. Surely they couldn’t be trying to sell sports clothes? I [read more]


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Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

9:00 amSome lucky Mamamia readers have been trialing Dove Pure Care Dry Oil.   A little about the product … For thousands of years, women have been fascinated and delighted by the power of natural oils as a beauty ingredient. When it comes to hair, oils hold the power to transform your locks and nourish every strand. [read more]

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