The most ridiculous job titles of all time.

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BLOG: Medical myth: Sex does not induce...


When I was little, I dreamed of becoming an animator for Disney. It seemed perfectly achievable at the time. Sadly, the cruel world came along and thwarted my ambition with all its talk of “realistic occupations”. Our conversation went a little like this:

World: ‘What are your actual chances of working at Disney HQ, huh, kid?’

Me: ‘Um… :(‘

Alas, I put my Disney dream on the shelf and focused on a new, more achievable, dream job (after briefly dabbling with ‘Marine Biologist’).

So you can imagine my surprise upon discovering there are people in the world with job titles like ‘Smarties Expert’ and ‘Penguinologist’. Yes, there are people in the world who likely have these occupations listed on their business cards and LinkedIn accounts.

Evidently, this is very good news for reporters. As this gallery of TV screengrabs proves, there’s an expert available on every topic imaginable. Very useful when a story requires commentary from a Writer/Wizard/Mall Santa/Rasputin Impersonator – and what respectable piece of journalism doesn’t?

We’ve picked seven of our favourite wacky job titles for your viewing pleasure today – the full series of photos is available at So Bad So Good.

Knowing these bizarre occupations actually exist, what would be your dream job title? Be creative…


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