The best make-under I have ever seen.

This is 29 year old Jodie Marsh. Remember her? In case you missed this post, Jodie is a UK ‘Glamour Model” in the same genre as Jordan.

She once said: “I think there are people who need to put on more make-up and then they
might pull more men. I love people who wear as much make-up as drag

On an ordinary day, she holds those sentiments very close to her very big chest.
But as part of a Refge charity campaign in the UK for victims of domestic
violence, Jodie has used many bottles of make-up remover to strip the gunk off her face and put her boobs away to pose for this photo.

I’m not sure how it raised money but I’m sure they did and kudos to her for doing it.

After the jump, two of my favourite pre-make-under photos of Jodie……

Next time you don’t have a thing to wear? Just grab two belts and you’re good to go.



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