The teenager who faked a pregnancy… for 10 months.

She had everybody fooled for months.

When 16-year-old Julia* told her boyfriend Jordan Wyrabkiewicz she was pregnant, he pledged to support her the best he could.

“I was excited, don’t get me wrong, but I was scared,” Wyrabkiewicz, also 16, told Fox2Detroit. “I started looking for jobs the best I could. I was ready to donate all my time.”

Julia’s family were surprised at the news — and never more so than when they learned she was expecting triplets.

teenager who faked her pregnancy
Screenshot: Fox2 Detroit

For months, Michigan teenager Julia showed around ultrasounds of her unborn babies and accepted donations from a church, a not-for-profit group and an online support forum called Moms of Triplets.

Fox 2 Detroit reports she even attended a baby shower thrown for her by relatives, and told people she had named her three unborn children Ivan, Alice and Isabella.

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But when her due date came and went, Julia’s story began to crumble.

According to Newser, her boyfriend and his mother became suspicious, particularly since they couldn’t confirm who the girl’s doctor was.

Eventually, a concerned Ohio member of Moms of Triplets contacted the family — and the full story of Julia’s deception unfolded.

teenager faked pregnancy
The girl’s boyfriend Jordan Wyrabkiewicz told Fox2Detroit: “I started looking for jobs the best I could. I was ready to donate all my time.”

As the Moms of Triplets member pointed out, Julia’s ultrasound photos looked identical to those sold at a disturbing website called

That bizarre site, which describes itself as a “gag gifts” retailer, sells fake pregnancy and DNA tests, fake silicone baby bellies and breasts and fake ultrasound images.

It advertises itself as “the home of the fake sonogram”.

teenager faked pregnancy

When Julia was confronted about whether she’d faked the entire pregnancy, she still insisted she was pregnant. But the day before she was supposed to have a caesarean section, she said she had miscarried.

She refused to go to the doctor, and eventually told authorities she had lost the pregnancy around six weeks.

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“So, I told the hotline she has three babies that she’s supposed to be full term with, and she won’t go to the hospital and they don’t have heartbeats,” Jordan’s aunt Jessica Adams told Fox2 Detroit.

“So, they sent detectives over there and she finally cracked and told the detectives that she lost them at six weeks.”

teenager faked pregnancy
The fake sonogram. (Photo: Fox2 Detroit)

While no charges have been laid, Jordan’s family has called for to be taken down.

A person claiming to be Julia’s brother told Fox2 Detroit all donations the teenage girl received during her sham pregnancy will be returned.

*Not her real name. The girl cannot be identified.

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