Seven Year Switch’s Cass on separation: “I walked out of the house and felt empty.”

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Seven Year Switch’s Cass Thistleton has opened up about the hard reality of separation and single parenting in a heartbreaking Instagram post.

Reality TV stars Cass and Ryan Thistleton had rekindled their faltering relationship on last year’s Seven Year Switch before having another child together.

But the couple announced they had split last month.

Cass took to Instagram on Saturday to talk about the strange feeling of being separated from Ryan.

“It’s a weird feeling being out and about solo while @ryan_thistleton is at my house having his time with the girls. I actually feel guilty for not being with them, but on the other hand I know I need this time away to recharge and clear my mind to be a better parent,” she wrote.

“I walked out of the house and instantly felt empty. My family are my life. Separation is a strange and difficult transition.”

Cass has talked openly about the split on Instagram, and has kept her followers up-to-date on how her and Ryan are going with their transition to single parenting.

In a previous Instagram post, she wrote: “Parenting is incredibly hard but single parenting is incredibly challenging to every inch of your patience and sanity”.

“No sleep for nearly a week. Training, packing, moving, unpacking whilst carting around three babes… can’t wait to sit back and enjoy my gorgeous children and this beautiful home with the beach at my door.”

The pair had been married for six years and they have three kids together – 2-year-old Emmerson, eight-month-old Mena, and a son, Dax, who was stillborn. Cass also has a 10-year-old daughter, Ramani, from a previous relationship.

Bird’s Nest Parenting is the new trend for fractured families on This Glorious Mess. 


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