white jeans 380x380 What can you NOT STOP wearing?

Cameron Diaz has a uniform. White jeans.


You haven’t worn a uniform since school, right? Wrong, probably. I was listening to ABC radio announcer Richard Glover a while back and he mentioned how he’d come to work wearing the exact same outfit as his colleague, Michael Peschard.

Both men (aged around 50) were wearing pull-on shoes, khaki chinos and blue shirts.

Together, they decided it was the official uniform of ‘Middle Aged Hack Journalists’.

He went on to invite listeners to his ABC702 radio show to talk about the uniforms they had worn or noticed. Particular ‘looks’ that identified a type of person, a life stage or a geographical area.

Like ‘Bankers On The First Day Of Holidays wearing tucked in polo shirts, shorts and leather loafers’. And mothers who spend the day in Lycra exercise gear even if they’re not exercising.

It sparked a discussion among the MM team about our own uniforms.

Nat said all her friends dress the same: “Cute, flippy dresses and skirts from Bardot, Dotti, Forever New, Miss Shop.”

Rick’s uniform is a shirt, tie and vest with jeans in winter. T-shirt and jeans with trainers in summer. Lana is Metalicus layers. Lucy wears “navy and white.”

Me? I’d say mine is ‘Like A Rainbow Threw Up All Over Me’.  I’m a complete colour slut. Mad for it. The brighter the better.

Alexa Chung is quite a fan of the oversized handbag and short skirts and shorts.

Do you have an unofficial uniform? What do you wear ALL THE TIME? A label? A colour? A combination?

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