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Look! It’s the world’s ugliest shoe.

11:00 am

      By NICKY CHAMP Man repellers rejoice! Because just when we thought shoes couldn’t get any uglier, fashion’s tastemakers have thrown us a real doozy. Thanks to Normcore – the fashion movement where it’s trendy to wear non-labels and dress to fit in, rather than stand out – the hottest footwear trend right [read more]


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Kids nudie juices

3:45 pmSome lucky Mamamia readers have been trialling delicious kids nudie juices.   A little about the product… Did you know… there are approximately 245 million kids juices sold in Australia every year?! Many of these juices are made from concentrate, made with little fruit juice and some even contain added vitamin C, preservatives or added sugar. nudie [read more]

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