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6 signs your friend is in a relationship with a man like Simon Gittany.

4:25 pm

      Nobody can stop talking about convicted killer Simon Gittany’s new girlfriend, Rachelle Louise. Gittany will spend the next 18 years in jail for the murder of his former partner, Lisa Harnum, whom he threw from a 15-story Sydney apartment. That’s 18 years without parole as punishment for taking a life. But that [read more]


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Penny the Pirate – OPSM

12:09 pm  Some lucky Mamamia readers have been trialling the Penny the Pirate children’s book, from OPSM.   A little bit about the product… In a bid to raise awareness of children’s eye health and improve the vision of children across Australia, OPSM has released Penny the Pirate, the world’s first children’s book and app that [read more]

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