It looks like a regular worm, but we’ve never seen anything like it.

This is probably Not Safe For Life. You’ve been warned.

The video you are about to watch (because you want to know – don’t worry, so did we) will fill you with regret.

It’s equal parts gross and interesting.

The question it posed to viewers of Youtube – what the f*** is that STUFF coming out of its head?!

It’s sort of like Spiderman’s web shooting out of his hand but a LIVE ANIMAL VOMITING (possibly).

That was our first guess.

Take a look.


Now, if you’re still with us… someone has cleared up what THAT is.

According to Youtuber Wild Singapore:

To capture its prey, the ribbon worm has a unique eversible proboscis at the front end of the body. This is a hollow, muscular structure that can shoot out with explosive force and is prehensile (can be used to grip) and retractable (can be pulled back). The proboscis is usually wound around the prey which is then hauled back toward the worm’s mouth. Sticky mucus is secreted to help grip the prey.

So basically don’t put a ribbon worm IN YOUR PALM.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Learn, and go forth.

Are you grossed out completely?


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