To celebrate Mother’s Day and the launch of our first e-book, “The Gift of Sleep: teach your baby to sleep in 3 days“, we recently asked Mamamia readers to tells us what they wish they’d known before they had their first baby.  We were inundated with photos and advice from our brilliant community … so inspired by the 2010 Nummies ad we all love, we made our own Mamamia video using the awesome song ‘The Day I Was Chosen By You’ by the gorgeous Amity Dry.

(For the record, here’s what I wish I’d known:  Nobody is going to throw you in jail for serving fish fingers for dinner!)

Meanwhile, if you are an an exhausted mum or know one,  check out our e-book which is all about teaching your  little one how to self-settle. Because this Mother’s Day your whole family deserves the gift of sleep. For more information go to



What do you wish someone had told you before you became a mother?

GOS Book plus videos 2 What I wish someone had told me before I became a mother...

Mums, do you want your sleep back?

The e-book that's helped over 10,000 parents get a full nights's sleep now comes with video so you can get your sleep back sooner!

  • The program teaches your baby step-by-step how to self-settle and sleep through the night
  • You get access to The Gift of Sleep Facebook support group where mum's just like you are helping each-other out
  • And Just days from now you will finally have your sleep back
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