Open post of the week: What’s happening in your world?

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Welcome to this week’s Open Post. The regulars will know what’s going on here, but if you’re new – fear not. Come in, sit down, relax and grab a cuppa.

Open Post is one of my favourite things about Mamamia. It’s where everyone gathers around to have a chat about whatever it is they want to. From issues in their workplace to the general stuff that’s going on at home to what they ate last night to the new guy or girl they’re seeing.


So what’s been going on in my week? Well one particular incident has been weighing on my mind.

I went with my Mum to our local shopping centre; mum needed to buy some make-up and I just needed a good, strong coffee. We grabbed our take-away caffeine and headed to the make-up section of a large department store in the centre.

I’m not into make-up at all. Mum asked a few questions and the lady working there invited Mum to sit down so she could try out some products. We had time to kill so Mum sat down.

"I'm into cooking, not make-up."
Some of Phoodie’s awesome work.

Half way through the lady applying goodness knows what to Mum’s face, Mum said to me “Is there anything here that you want to try?” to which I responded “yeah, I’m fine thanks, I’m actually not into make-up and it’s not something I have time to do each day.”

Mistake. Big mistake. Huge.

The conversation continued:

Make-up lady: “You don’t have time? You don’t have 5 minutes in your day to make your face look better?”

Me: “I’ve got 2 small kids and I work from home too, I actually sometimes genuinely don’t have a spare 5 minutes.”

Make-up lady: “Arghhhh! I was HOPING you wouldn’t say that.”

Me: “Say what?”

Make-up lady: “That your children are the reason why you’ve let yourself go.”

Me: “I don’t actually think I’ve ‘let myself go’ to be honest, I’m just not into make-up and if I ever, by some miracle, get 5 spare minutes in my day I like to sit down and browse the internet, not slap red lipstick and extra thick mascara all over my face. Do you have kids?”

Upon reflection, I realised the make up lady actually wasn’t trying to be hurtful, it’s just that her delivery wasn’t the best.

It was shocking, actually. I’ve put it out of my mind since but it was an unusual little experience.

So what’s been happening in your world this week? Good news? Bad news? No news? Please share. I would like to say that I am going to be hanging out here today, on Open Post, to read and reply to as many of your comments as I can. I invite you to ask me any food or cooking related questions that you like.



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