A look back on all the times you were glad this wasn’t you.

Video by MWN

Ahhh, the joys of live television.

As if stuffing up at work weren’t bad enough, spare a thought for all those unfortunate sods who’ve done so with the cameras rolling.


After a video of ABC news presenter Natasha Exelby mesmerised by her pen during a weekend broadcast went viral this week, other Aussie journalists decided to show solidarity in the silliest way possible… by humiliating themselves on social media, obviously.

There was a public outcry yesterday when it was widely reported Exelby may have been stood down from future on-air roles at the public broadcaster.

Thankfully, this is not the case, but by the time the ABC clarified her employment status the #putyourbloopersout hashtag was already trending.

From falling asleep to dropping the F-bomb, there were some real doozies. We put together a few of our favourites in the video above.

It's time to honour the brave souls who suffered for us all.


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