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A look back on all the times you were glad this wasn’t you.

A simple explanation for why everyone's obsessed with unicorns.

A simple explanation for why everyone's...

Ahhh, the joys of live television.

As if stuffing up at work weren’t bad enough, spare a thought for all those unfortunate sods who’ve done so with the cameras rolling.

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After a video of ABC news presenter Natasha Exelby mesmerised by her pen during a weekend broadcast went viral this week, other Aussie journalists decided to show solidarity in the silliest way possible… by humiliating themselves on social media, obviously.

There was a public outcry yesterday when it was widely reported Exelby may have been stood down from future on-air roles at the public broadcaster.

Thankfully, this is not the case, but by the time the ABC clarified her employment status the #putyourbloopersout hashtag was already trending.

From falling asleep to dropping the F-bomb, there were some real doozies. We put together a few of our favourites in the video above.

It's time to honour the brave souls who suffered for us all.

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