The genius nail hack that won’t cost you a cent.

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Nothing is as annoying as chipped nail polish.

Oh actually, something is.

When you drop your favourite eye shadow palette and it cracks into a million pieces all over your bathroom floor.

But now there’s no need to slide slowly to your knees, clutching the remnants of the palette shouting, “WHY, OH GOD WHHHHHY.” Because celebrity nail artist Jenna Hipp has come up with a way to turn this common beauty disaster into a genius nail hack, by using all of those pieces of eye shadow and turning them into nail polish. And the resulting look is incredible.

Hipp, who works as a nail artist to the stars, shared her brilliant beauty tip on Instagram.

Seriously, her tip is so clever I am thinking of throwing some of my favourite eye shadow colours onto my tiled bathroom floor on purpose.

Celebrity nail artist Jenna Hipp shares her amazing nail polish tip. Image: Instagram @jennahipp

"So you broke your eye shadow compact and all of those gorgeous colors are smashed to bits and pieces ... bummer right?" she writes.

"Nope! Don't trash that pretty palette - instead mix the crushed eye shadow with a little topcoat to create your own custom polish colors. For this super quick, easy (and eco!) look, I added a final dusting of contrasting eye shadow for a little extra wow factor."

Jenna then asks, "Do you like???"

Yes Jenna. We like!

For more of Jenna Hipp's nail tips follow her on Instagram @jennahipp.

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