Best and Worst: Come and tell us what’s going on in your world.

mamamia best and worst

Welcome back to Mamamia Best and Worst – a space to chat about the highs and lows of your week, or even just what’s on your mind.

Come and offload your troubles or celebrate your successes with other Mamamia readers.

I’ll get the ball rolling…


Last weekend I headed off on a whirlwind Gold Coast holiday with my family. It was my cousin’s 21st birthday party and at a time when we’ve all been busy, it was so nice to get together and have a bit of fun.

The best part by far though was the dress-ups. Costume parties can be a bit of a pain, but when you start talking group costumes, things get a lot more fun – there’s safety in numbers.

mamamia best and worst
The Von Trapp Family and Mother Superior having a blast.

Although there was much brainstorming, once The Sound of Music characters were thrown into the mix there was really no competition (because it’s the greatest movie OF ALL TIME).

So my parents, siblings and I dressed up as the Von Trapp family, my aunt dressed up as one of the nuns from the convent, we got a few bottles of champagne and had an awesome time.

mamamia best and worst
Our Liesel and Brigitta Sound of Music costumes – the resemblance is uncanny.


After fighting off illness for weeks while it seemed EVERYBODY else around me was sniffling and spluttering, I fear my body is finally succumbing to some kind of cold. I’ve been eating garlic left, right and centre and popping a ridiculous quantity of vitamins but it seems my immune system may have reached its breaking point.

To make things on the ailment front just that little bit worse, my wisdom teeth are currently coming through. I thought you were supposed to get all the teething out of the way in your infant years, but here I’ve found myself at 21 with new teeth forcing their way into my mouth. Not so fun.


Tonight my sister and I are making our DJ-ing debut which is both incredibly exciting and a little bit terrifying, considering my DJ skills could use a little more practice. I’m trying to approach this one glass-half-full though, and I hope a little positive thinking (and Taylor Swift) will get us over the line.

Anyway, that’s what’s been happening in my world – what’s been the best and worst of your week?

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