“I wouldn’t miss this show for my own private pumpkin coach.”

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I am tingling with excitement.

Kids. Big kids. Adults. Grandparents. EVERYONE, listen up. Disney On Ice is back, and this is why you should go.

Remembering my first Disney On Ice experience still gives me goosebumps. Those twirling princesses gliding across the ice is one of the most magical and vivid memories of my childhood. I can still see my favourite characters, spinning on their skates, leaping through the air with perfection, and the funny characters falling over accidentally-on-purpose and making me laugh so hard I needed to wee.

And now I get to watch it all over again – BUT BETTER.

kids entertainment
“Remembering my first Disney On Ice experience still gives me goosebumps.”


Disney On Ice is back these school holidays with a new show, Dare to Dream. Whether I can find a friend’s child to escort me or not, I’m going. Two of my favourite princesses will be there, Snow White (and her seven little boyfriends, of course) and Cinderella, as well as two new storiesTangled and The Princess and the Frog. But get this:

This time, they can fly.


Rapunzel (you know her – she’s the princess in Tangled who has better hair than any model in any shampoo ad, ever) actually gets lifted off the ice… BY HER HAIR. As if the show needed any more magic – now the characters can twirl through the air too.

Rapunzel and her man Flynn perform a routine with aerial silks, which will blow your children’s minds (in a good way, of course). Imagine their little faces as they watch her lift off the ice and into the air. There. Right there. The kid’s faces – that’s half the magic.

kids entertainment
“Imagine their little faces as they watch her lift off the ice and into the air.” ©Disney. All Rights Reserved.
The thing about Disney On Ice is that it creates such beautiful moments, that the moments stay with you forever.

Just as an FYI, this is an advertorial post for Disney On Ice.

In this particular show, it’s Cinderella’s magical pumpkin coach that I can’t wait to see. And the Seven Dwarfs that make me giggle like a schoolgirl, with their giant heads and swift feet.

A funny horse, made up of two skilled skaters (who has to be the back-end? Yeesh). And a moment that I know will give me goosebumps: Lanterns that lift up and fill the arena like a starry sky.

And the castle. Oh, the castle. Little kids will dream about that castle.

kids entertainment
“The Seven Dwarfs that make me giggle like a schoolgirl, with their giant heads and swift feet.” ©Disney. All Rights Reserved.


It’s not just for the girls, either. The speed and the spectacle of the flips and tricks across the ice give the Disney stories a high energy (and slightly dangerous) edge that has everyone – boys, girl, adults and children – on their toes. The child in me is marvelling at their magic.

The adult in me is wondering how the hell they get their legs so damn high. Storylines are intertwined with singing and choreography, and there is so much happening on the ice that you hardly know where to look.

kids entertainment
Rapunzel and Tiana have sass and ambition and ferocity. ©Disney. All Rights Reserved.

You know what the greatest thing is? With 75 years of princesses under Disney’s belt, the modern princesses are so much more badass than they used to be. Rapunzel and Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog) have sass and ambition and ferocity.

Gone are the days of princesses sitting around, waiting to be saved. These girls go and out save the day themselves. And the princes have substance, sweetness, and most importantly, humour. Not only will your children fall in love with ice-skating – they will fall in love with characters who deserve to be adored.

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Disney On Ice’s Dare to Dream has it all. Magic, majesty, action and adventure, and now aerial tricks too. Create some memories with your kids, and go enjoy the magic together. Or feel free to send your kids along with me – I wouldn’t miss this show for my own private pumpkin coach.

Do you remember your first Disney On Ice show?

Here is some of the behind the scenes action:

doi2015-character-logo_col_720Australian audiences will experience the beauty, sparkle, and adventure when Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream comes to a city near you!

Purchase tickets from Ticketek: 132 849 or www.ticketek.com.au/disneyonice. Tickets start from just $29.50. Additional discounts apply on select performances. Credit card and transaction fees may also apply.

For more information visit www.disneyonice.com.au.


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