Jennifer hasn’t had any children or married anyone this week.

I know I spend rather a lot of time worrying about Jennifer. I just can’t help thinking of her every time Brad and Angelina do something perfect. Which is often.
But given that her relationship with John Mayer is pretty new (although at the same stage in THEIR relationship, Brad and Angelina already had like 3 kids but whatever….), it would be rather a lot of pressure being the elephant in the corner. You know, like, it’s not as if you could miss the news about your ex having his 5th and 6th child.
How could you not compare your own situation?

and Star.

Maybe Jennifer doesn’t care. Maybe she’s happy to be rid of him. Maybe she doesn’t have a Brangelina voodoo doll under her bed into which she sticks pins late at night when no-one is around.
But the trash mags are determined to cast her as bitter and desperate to ‘hook’ anyone with a penis and some functional sperm who crosses her path. Imagine how much pressure that would put on a new relationship??
I don’t believe for a SECOND that she is either planning a wedding or planning to get knocked up in the next five minutes. Do you think she and John lie in bed and she has to say “Like, babe, you know, I’m not really a Muriel. I haven’t really been shopping for white frocks and calling the caterers. And I AM on the pill, really I am. They’re not just mints, I promise.”

Meanwhile, the tabloids are claiming she’s had her lips done:



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