Ivanka Trump looks completely smitten with Justin Trudeau, and who can blame her?

It turns out your name might be ruining your life.

It turns out your name might be ruining...


Canadian heart throb Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on his first official visit to Donald Trump’s America. While some in the White House seem to have no idea who he is, we have a feeling Ivanka Trump won’t be forgetting his name.

The first daughter, who holds no formal office, has been inexplicably PRESENT these past few days.

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Here she is at a meeting in the Oval Office with her dear old dad and Trudeau, literally sitting at the table after having “a great discussion with two world leaders about the importance of women having a seat at the table”.

We see what you did there, Ivanka.

In fact, Trump’s “favourite” daughter has been sitting in on meetings with the visiting PM for the past few days, leading to rampant — if completely unfounded — speculation she’s planning on high-tailing it across the border with him.

Maybe though? Source: Getty

In fact, people are pretty convinced the businesswoman is ready to give her husband Jared Kushner the boot...

Look, who can blame her?

Kate Middleton gets it.

She. Gets. It. Source: Getty

No one is safe.

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